by Fallon Flores, Guest Contributor

Selfies are great ways of displaying to the world how lovely your face is. If a stranger were to see your selfie, most likely, the person would create a mental note of how you look; and could maybe decide on the spot whether you are attractive or not. And, being considered unattractive is the last thing a perfect gentleman wants. 

This is more reason you need to up your beard game. Basically, the moment you decided to keep a beard, you gave your beard the authority to be the most conspicuous part of your face. In other words, once you get your beard to look good, your selfie is as good as perfect.

Do you want to know the ways by which you can style your beard to cut through that put selfie? Sure you do!


Make it Thicker

A thick beard does a good job of bringing out the elegance of your face. If you’ve got a sparse looking beard, dyeing your beard is a great way of adding more depth and boldness to your beard.

How do you Dye your Beard?

  • Do not dye when your beard hasn’t grown out. If you dye your beard when it is short and let it fill out, you end up with two shades of whatever-color-your-beard-is. So, chill for at least 2 weeks, so it would grow to a significant length.
  • When choosing a dye, scout for one which is made specifically for beards. Also, make sure the dye is just about a shade below your natural hair color so it won’t be too obvious.
  • Use an applicator. Do not be tempted to use your fingers. If you do not have an applicator brush, use a comb.
  • Follow the instructions on how long the dye should be left in before washing off. Do not leave for too long, so as not to over-color the beard.
  • Wash off with lukewarm water or cold water. Do not use soap while washing off. Dye every three weeks to maintain the color of your beard.

Make it Appear Softer

A tangled beard can also ruin the mood of your picture. Whether through the use of beard softeners or regular use of beard oil, you must also make efforts to create a softer beard; one that easily submits to the direction of a comb.

Asides using beard oil or a softener, what other actions can you carry out to ensure a soft beard?

  • Brushing your beard with a beard brush regularly is fantastic
  • Begin upwards and descend downwards. Start from your mustache region, moving gently but steadily towards your chin. Consistent downward strokes would give you that even beard shape you are dying to have.
  • To make your beard look stronger, run the brush from your neck towards your chin.
  • Never brush too often. Beard brushes have coarse edges built to penetrate deep into our beards, so as to keep them organized. Do not brush too often; twice a day would do. Using the brush too often can cause your hair to become brittle.

Make it Sharper

A sharp beard registers a look faster. And, it might just be the finishing touch your beard needs to make that next selfie a hit!

  • Get an eye pencil from the store. Make sure the pencil has a shade similar to your beard’s own. Also, pick one with a thicker tip- this makes it easier to apply.
  • When applying, focus on sparse areas.
  • Smudge a little bit into your hand; using your finger to wipe it downwards through your beard.

The Bottom Line

What’s the next step? I’m certain your ‘beard confidence’ is now very high, and by following the above steps, you can get your beard in good shape while trying some best short beard styles for the perfect selfie.