Socks are definitely a fashion trend in today’s world. What you may wonder, though, is are white socks still a good choice? Is cotton the best material choice? Should you always pull your socks up? If your mind is brimming with all these sock related fashion questions – and more – you’re in luck. Here you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about the latest, greatest, sock trends.

The New Age of the Sock

socksYou have probably noticed that socks aren’t exactly what they used to be. Think back – for a while, socks were just something you used to cover your feet and provide a barrier between your skin and the inside of your shoe. You may have had a black, ankle-high pair, and you probably didn’t give much thought to what sock you wore.

Today, things have changed. Socks are now considered an essential part of your outfit. Socks are even used as part of diplomacy and woke-signaling with Justin Trudeau (the Canadian prime minister) being one of the biggest names in interesting socks. He is seen choosing ones with an obvious theme for various public occasions. Some socks can even provide insight into someone’s political mind. In fact, Boris Johnson was recently criticized for not washing his so-called “lucky-socks,” which featured King Ashurbanipal, the rule of the Neo-Assyrian empire.

In fashion, the use of statement socks has been big for several years. For example, in 2017, the Vetements’ socks were launched featuring the DHL logo. These became “the most loaded accessory of the year,” according to an article in GQ. Prada also considered the idea of having men pull socks up to their knees, and thanks to the influence of logomania, socks are now a more affordable way for people who love fashion to easily buy into their favorite labels.

What Type of Socks Should You Wear Now?

The type of socks you should wear should be selected based on your personal style and preferences. What socks you would like to wear? With the proliferation of styles available, there is a great sock option available for everyone. If you are confused about what style suits you best, consider a quality sports sock by Elite Sports Socks, which will always be a smart option. They add a bit of edge to almost any outfit and make streetwear seem more authentic.

If you have a thrown-on outfit, you can pair it with a bright or bold pattern or print, or even choose a more fun look, such as pizza, avocados, eggs, or another type of food, which is another popular sock trend. You can even go with animal prints or glitter if you prefer a more fashion-forward option.

Socks and Sandals?

There is an age-old question of if you can wear socks and sandals together. The answer is yes, but you need to make sure everyone understands this is a deliberate fashion choice. An explicit use of coordination will make it clear that any type of unusual use of accessories is something that is completely intentional. If you are somewhat hesitant to do this, just consider that this is a style that has been seen in fashion shows around the globe.

When it comes to socks, you have a lot of options and there is no question that they may become overwhelming at times. It is a good idea to keep the tips here in mind to know what sock trends to follow and which ones to ditch this year. Keep in mind though, things change quickly so be sure to keep an eye out to see what the latest and greatest sock trends are.