Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

By Jim Hughes, Guest Contributor

Thanksgiving is one of those occasions that bring friends and family together after being apart for the better part of the year.  As such, it is a gratitude-laced and joy-filled event that you do not want to take for granted. It reminds us of the need for togetherness, family values, and gratitude for friends.

Based on this, you would want to make this occasioned as interesting and engaging as possible not only for your family but also friends who may come visiting. This is not the time to tense up and make a hasty decision that may cost you in the long run. Instead, take your time to come up with creative ways that will make this day interesting for your family and friends. The following are tips you can incorporate even as you prepare for the big day:

Take Advance Considerations for Accommodation

During this time, you will most likely have family and friends from far away coming over to spend the day.  Considering the distance, most of them may not afford to drive back the same day and will prefer sleeping over.  In this regard, you will need to make advance preparations in terms of where they will spend the night. This may involve setting up some extra rooms within your home to serve as guest rooms for the night. While at it, consider their ages and gender to avoid inconveniences.

The best thing about getting your friends and family spend a night at your place is that you get to bond and spend more time without much anxiety and haste of travel. If you do not have enough room, you may consider seeking the same from neighbors or nearby relatives. Alternatively, you can make bookings for those who would rather spend the night at a good motel. Worry more about than comfort than the cost. In fact, you may take up some online loans to cater for such since these can be approved much faster.

Make Food in Plenty

Thanksgiving is a time to bond and catch up on various family or friendly matters. So what better way to do this than over some sumptuous meal? You cannot afford to go wrong with food. For better results, determine well in advance the number of guests you may be expecting. This may also include their food preferences. This will not only ensure that you have enough food but also get to prepare their favorites. Of course, Thanksgiving has always been a day of excesses. So make sure you have enough surplus of food since you can never be really sure when someone has had enough.

Clarify Expectations

When sending out invitations to family and friends, it is advisable that you come out clearly on what they should expect. This may be in terms of activities for the day and the whole programming. It will not only help them plan diligently for the day but also the day after. With this, you will not find guests making last-minute rush in the middle of the day or after the event. Spell out the details; will there be a photo session? Any volunteer time? Outdoor activities? With these clarified, everyone will participate in anticipation and will ultimately enjoy the day with you.

Be Creative on Entertainment

Thanksgiving is a time to make merry, and this will not be complete without some form of entertainment. Determine well in advance the composition of your guests in terms of age, gender and other personal presences. This will enable you to come up with specific forms of entertainment that will appeal to every grouping. Some of the common forms of entertainment during this time may include music and television to watch parades. However, you can also come up with creative fun games that will keep everyone engaged. You can even share family photo albums for your friends and family to go down memory lane.

Get Involved

Your friends and family will be more receptive if you get involved in most of their conversations and games. By showing concern and gratitude for their presence, your guests will feel warmed up and will enjoy the day even more with that ‘feel at home’ atmosphere.

Thanksgiving is a previous time to enjoy the company of those we love. It is also a time to remember the good times we had with the departed. As such, you have an obligation to make it as enjoyable as possible. Give your friends and family a reason to smile all through the day.