Around 70% of Americans feel that the environment is more important than economic growth, with the majority also stating that they are willing to pay a higher price for sustainable products. The current health crisis, coupled with a growing interest in renewable energy, are influencing the way people relate to the environment in everything from the type of vacation they take, to the gifts they buy for their loved ones. As the festive season approaches, you may wonder how you can make your southern Christmas a little more sustainable. The following tips may help.

Shopping At Green Stores In Nashville

Cities like Nashville are known for their wide array of restaurants, hotels and shopping opportunities, so make the most of their offerings by choosing to support sustainable businesses. Just a few cool places to head to include the Nashville Farmers’ Market (where you will find a host of organically grown fruits and vegetables for a bountiful Christmas meal), Nisolo (a beautiful boutique with a reputation for ethical trade), and Poppy and Monroe (a salon where you can source green beauty products). Nashville is also home to a host of sustainable décor stores, jewelery houses and clothing, so you should be able to find something for everyone in the family.

Something For The Little Ones

If you’re shopping for a present for eco-friendly future parents or for those who already have a new baby, it is important to check packages for information on the materials toys and other items are made with. Just a few practical suggestions you may find, even at typical commercial stores, include bamboo baby wipes, organic canvas diaper bags, and silicone-covered glass bottles. There are many green toys available which are made with recycled or 100% recyclable material as well. If you can’t find these items at a store, check out online options. Buying babies toys, games, and practical items made with organic and natural materials will also help keep their exposure to compounds like BPA and phthalates (found in many plastic items) to a minimum.

Eating Green

If you’d like to really reduce your carbon footprint, why not include a few plant-based items in your Christmas meal, or even attempt a vegan or vegetarian celebration? Plant-based diets are known to promote a healthy gut microbiome, which is good news for your physical and mental health. If you thought plant-based diets were a little boring, head to a yummy vegan restaurant to discover how amazing dishes can be. At venues like Graze Nashville, The Wild Cow, and Sunflower Café, you can chomp on everything from a creamy vegan lasagna to meat-free ‘meatballs’, soul-soothing soups, and desserts like raw apple pie in natural date and orange juice syrup.

Americans are keen on embracing a more sustainable way of living. In Nashville and other southern cities, doing so is easy, owing to the wide range of shopping and food opportunities. Celebrating Christmas in an eco-friendly fashion simply involves doing a little research into local suppliers, as well as spending a bit of time online to find items that can help your loved ones lower their carbon footprint.