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mac and cheese

Recipe- No Boil, Slow Cooker, Spicy Bacon Mac’n’Cheese

Ok, the key to this whole thing y'all is not overcooking the pasta in the crock pot. While I say 2 hours cook time...

Recipe- Slow Cooker Christmas Peanut Candy

Ok, before we get to the ingredients y'all, there is one hugely important trick you need to know. Find a nice, dry dishtowel and...

Recipe: Leftovers- Slow Cooker Turkey and Dumplins

This is easy and really good recipe for chicken and dumplings. The type of biscuit dough does not matter: Ingredients and Directions 1 Can Cream of...

Recipe: Crock Pot Beer Cheese

Ok before you get started, if you have a larger crock pot, double this, even triple this recipe. Y'all want the crock pot 1/2...