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Y’all-TV: If Democratic Candidates Were Barbecue

Matt Heermans, the "Barrister of Bodacious Barbecue," has fun mixing barbecue talk with the 2020 political circus hitting most of the South this week.

Democratic ‘Disaster’ In Iowa; Barbecue For Breakfast

Tuesday – February 4, 2020 Can you eat barbecue for breakfast?  The "Barbecue Barrister" lets us know you certainly can – and there's more than...

Democratic Contenders In Columbia, S.C.; Kansas City Ribs

Tuesday – January 21, 2020 Gun rights advocates have a peaceful rally in Richmond, Va., on Monday. In Columbia, S.C., multiple Democratic candidates for president...

Meg Rilley Music; Dems Debate In Dixie

Thursday – November 21, 2019 Meg Rilley, a Nashville-based singer-songwriter, discusses her brand of music and fear of bugs with host Jon Rawl. Texas A&M...

Southern Political Report; Pig Talk III

Tuesday – August 20, 2019 Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are among the Democratic contenders for president that made their way to Atlanta for a...