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Elvis Week Starts August 6- How To Celebrate Virtually

Virtual Elvis Week Whether it's Elvis Week or not, community is an essential part of the fan experience. Virtual Elvis Week will be offered through...

Fans Ready To Celebrate Elvis’s 85th Birthday In Memphis

He is still a phenomenon. Every year, ten of thousands head to Graceland in Memphis to celebrate the life of Elvis Presley. It's one...

Candlelight Vigil; Gov. Blanco Dies

Monday – August 19, 2019 Kathleen Blanco, Louisiana's first woman governor and the Pelican State's chief executive during 2005's Hurricane Katrina, dies at age 76. ...

Anniversary Of A King’s Death

Friday – August 16, 2019 Elvis Presley died on this date 42 years ago. We salute the "King" with one of his most-Southern songs. The...