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Tricks Of The Trade: Merry War Lye, Hot Water Heaters

Hot water heaters need tender loving care. Also, stray animals that found themselves on Granny's property were subject to a friendly dose of Merry...
Tricks Of The Tradevideo

Tricks Of The Trade: Teawaddle Stew, Ceiling Fan Reversal

Reverse a ceiling fan's direction for winter savings; and more info on light fixture repair. And the South's home improvement expert John Allen and...

Tricks Of The Trade: Light Fixture Repair, Caller Questions

John Allen and Jimmy Duke are on duty to take questions about home improvement. Allen relays the story of how he once tied a...

Tricks Of The Trade: Chitlin Memories, Screwy Toilets, Lipstick Repair

“Tricks of the Trade” has been on the air for over 20 years. John Allen and Jimmy Duke hand down their extensive knowledge of...

Tricks Of The Trade: Nail Pops, Plaster Problems

Southern fixer-upper John Allen and radio veteran Jimmy Duke are taking your texts and calls. Can anything be done about plaster? Also, it wasn't...

Simple Landscaping Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

You don’t need to spend a fortune to spruce up your facade or enhance the look of your home. You just need to get...
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Tricks Of The Trade: Possum Eats Electrical Wire, Roasted Peanuts

A wily possum chewed on an electrical line and paid the price. Home improvement tactician John Allen has the photo to prove it. Allen...

Prepare Your Home For Winter By Starting In The Fall

Almost  half of Americans turn to DIY to make improvements to their house. As we are coming into fall and the weather cools a little,...

Tricks Of The Trade: Pipe Boogers, Keeping Tools Rust-Proof

Home improvement czar John Allen and Jimmy Duke cover the South's fixer-up head-scratchers. What in the world is a pipe booger, and what to...

4 Reasons Concrete Flooring Is a Better Option Than Other Flooring

Aesthetic. Cost. Sustainability. Major factors that affect your choices include the durability of the materials for low-cost repair. When choosing the materials for improving...