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First and Second Year Home Expenses

You’ve finally done it! Your quintessential American Dream life is unfolding before your eyes as you open the door into your newly purchased home....

National Existing Home Sales Drop 1.3% for January, South Up

Existing-home sales declined in January, continuing a fluctuating pattern of monthly increases and declines, according to the National Association of Realtors®. Significant declines in...

Florida Realtors Enjoying Growing Florida Economy

The U.S. economy continues to grow – and Florida's economy is doing even better, outpacing the nation's growth, according to economic experts who spoke to a...

Selling Your House As-Is: Worth It?

by Wendy Dessler, Guest Contributor Opportunity Cost Sometimes an action that would certainly make you a sum of money will ultimately cost you more in the...

5 Issues You May Face When Buying An Older Property

by Emma Metson, Guest Contributor Many buyers become attracted to owning an older property for many different reasons. It may be the cost of the...

4 Benefits of Buying A Fixer Upper

by Wendy Dessler, Guest Contributor When buying a new home, you have a lot of choices. With there being millions of homes sold each and...

NFL HOFer Terry Bradshaw’s Oklahoma Ranch For Sale

Terry Bradshaw has put his 744 acre quarter horse ranch on the market. The Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horses Ranch is located in the Red River...
city v suburbs

Living In The City v. Suburbs: Pros and Cons

by Wendy Dessler, Guest Contributor One of the most natural things said than done is selecting where you are going to live. You do not...

Top 5 Luxury Apartments In Dallas

by Wendy Dessler, Guest contributor A Fine Place To Live In 2019 Texas is looking good for those seeking new homes in 2019 and 2020. Whether...