Sankarshan Das
Campus Minstrel at the University of Texas in Austin in 1970.

In 1970, after sharing the stage with the Grateful Dead and the Jefferson Airplane in San Francisco ‘s Golden Gate Park, Steve Bridge hitchhiked 2,000 miles to Austin, Texas with his acoustic guitar and became an instant sensation on the University of Texas campus by his regular daily concerts at the George Washington statue. The Daily Texan newspaper published an article about him entitled, “Minstrel Serenades Students—Dylan Like Lyrics from South Mall.” Since this is the 50th anniversary of his being the campus sensation, the minstrel (now known as Sankarshan Das) is coming back on March 4th at twelve noon to again create a magical atmosphere on the University of Texas at Austin campus at the George Washington statue.

His song, “The Peace Formula,” ( in which he summons all the world’s leaders to heed his peace message, attracted the attention of US President Barack Obama, who wrote him from the White House, “I want you to know I”m listening, and I wish you all the best.”  And his fun-packed early-Bob-Dylan-style song “Talkin’ Keep Austin Weird” ( takes his audience back to those transformational days 50 years ago when it was indeed quite dangerous to be weird in Austin.

The Daily Texan article from 1970 states:

One co-ed says, “That’s the happiest, most optimistic person I’ve ever heard.” “Yes,” replies a man sitting besides her. “It sort of makes you feel real good.”

Even though now in his 70’s the minstrel has not lost his magic touch. He still amazes his listeners carrying them away to higher dimensions of consciousness.