Witches Brew Tours (https://witchesbrewtours.com/witches-brew-tours-gift-certificate/) recently announced they would award a $10,000 cash prize to a lucky winner on Halloween night, 2019, during its yearly Halloween extravaganza. No purchase is necessary to win the prize and participants can sign up directly for a free chance to win online. Additional chances to win the prize are provided to participants for each ghost tour ticket purchased from Witches Brew Tours. Witches Brew Tours is the best-selling ghost and paranormal walking tour in Louisiana, according to popular TripAdvisor company, Viator.

To Qualify for the $10,000 Halloween-Night Giveaway

To enter the Halloween night giveaway, Witches Brew Tours asks participants to simply go online. There, follow two easy steps:

  1. Enter for free by filling out the giveaway form.
  2. And/or: Buy a ticket for any New Orleanswalking-tour online to receive additional chances to win.

Four-in-One and Three-in-One Walking Tours

For those who will be visiting New Orleans, Witches Brew Tours recently created two special touring packages to suit the discerning occult and horror-loving fan. Built from their existing popular walking tours, these special Four-in-One and Three-in-One packages were created for those who could not decide on a single specific tour, and prefer to bundle multiple tours into one.

Participants will learn about hauntings, spirits and paranormal activity documented over multiple decades — even centuries — in front of some of the oldest and most famous buildings in the city. Revealing truths regarding witchcraft and voodoo legends, guides inform their guests about specific individuals: like the world’s oldest vampire and the time he spent in New Orleans during the Roaring 20s. And as they are guided through the gas-lantern lit streets of the French Quarter, tourists are offered a chance to catch a glimpse of some famous ghosts.

Other features include the real story behind Kathy Bates’ character from “American Horror Story: Coven,” the infamous Madame Delphine LaLaurie, and her haunted mansion — one of New Orleans most haunted houses — in addition to visiting sites where the show was filmed.

Maximum capacity for the walking tour, per group, is 28 people. So it is advisable to book tours early. More personalized tours are also available with a VIP ghost-tour option that ensures a smaller, more intimate group size of no more than 15 people. The French Quarter is often crowded at night, so the VIP tour is a great option for those who like to keep their touring crowds small.

Vampire Tours

Vampire tours include the lore and legends behind the world of these popular undead creatures. Walking tours include various locations on the streets of New Orleans, in addition to unraveling the mysteries behind two particularly famous vampire stories: the mysterious Jacques Saint Germain, and the horrific Carter Brothers.

Voodoo Tours

New Orleans is especially well known for its voodoo history and roots. Women like Marie Laveau helped cultivate these legends, and many of the stories go back hundreds of years. Voodoo was first introduced to New Orleans during the colonial period which brought African slaves to New Orleans. Reaching back as far as 1719, the various concoctions, herbs, poisons and charms that typify voodoo practice began to make their appearance.

The Witches Brew Voodoo Tour takes participants throughout the French Quarter, visiting the various hidden cauldrons of activity that continue to fuel the voodoo legends of New Orleans today. And because New Orleans voodoo and Marie Laveau are inseparable, the tour also includes an extensive exploration of the world’s most famous voodoo high-priestess.

About Witches Brew Tours

Specializing in haunted and cemetery tours featuring ghosts, vampires, voodoo, witchcraft, Marie Laveau and her alleged final resting spot, the famed St. Louis Cemetery #1, Witches Brew Tours meanders throughout the historic French Quarter of New Orleans, one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Tourists can also visit Congo Square, see where Ms. Laveau lived in the mid-1800s and learn special facts from our guides that are exclusively reserved for those who take the tour. Learn more at: www.WitchesBrewTours.com.