Goin’ to be honest y’all. Years ago I didn’t even know who the heck John Prine was. Then, one day my old bosses Will Jordan and Ron Kimbro of The Legendary Kimbro’s Pickin Parlor in Franklin, Tennessee told me to buckle up , we were gonna get busy that night ’cause John Prine was comin’ to play.

Now, let me preface this by saying that Kimbro’s was in it’s infancy then. It’s a little juke joint in Historic Franklin. When I say “juke joint” I mean it in the kindest of ways. It was like walkin’ into someone’s house with the most eclectic music and crowd vibe ever. It’s still that way, with some improvements and a couple of “Rolling Stone Magazine” shout outs. But, back then, we were lucky to keep the AC workin’ on certain days. For me it was a savior, because times were a little tough and that PT job kept me going, and made me new friends who I am glad to see prosper to this day.

Now, as I had said, I had never met John. But, I had gotten to know his brother, Billy. Billy was a large man with a big classic rock sound from Chi-town,and had played at Kimbro’s many times.

I remember, once the rush settled, I got to meet John briefly. A small man, very kind and quiet. He got up and I got to hear him do a couple of songs, and I was immediately impressed.

Since that day, 2 things I will always remember : John Prine was an amazing talent. Also, John Prine was a quiet, humble , kind man who didn’t worry about where he was playing, just that he wanted to play. And, that day, I think you could see his joy when he and his brother did a couple of tunes together.

RIP John Prine. You will be missed.


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