Dr. Dellia Evans

Domestic violence is extremely common in America, with one in four women experiencing physical violence in their relationship. Yet despite its prevalence, there are many myths about domestic violence that the public believes and survivors can lose their way amid the craziness, disappointment, and betrayal they experience.

Dr. Dellia Evans knows the issues associated with abusive relationships only too well. She was married to a man for nearly 20 years who abused her emotionally, psychologically, verbally, financially and eventually physically. Now happily remarried, Dr. Dellia, an optometrist, is sharing her story in her new book, Heart Vision: How to See Your Path Forward When You’re in a Dark Place (Butterflies Publishing). The book also contains a quiz readers can take to see if they are in a toxic relationship as well as helpful resources for victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Praise for Heart Vision

“Living the complexities of domestic violence is precisely captured in Heart Vision to shed light into a dark situation which impacts so many who suffer in silence.” Wendy Mahoney, executive director, Mississippi Collation Against Domestic Violence

About Dr. Dellia

Dr. Dellia Evans is a certified laser vision correction surgeon and optometrist who has helped more than 250,000 patients maintain eye health in the past 25 years. She owns Odom’s Eye Care-Optical in Jackson. Dr. Dellia is a Christian leader who helps people to see more clearly physically and spiritually. She obtained her Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and is a graduate of Faith Bible Institute. Heart Vision is her first book.