by Rebecca Siggers, Guest Contributor

The world has many fabulous destinations, but not all can suite a wine lover. These people adore places where they are going to spend most of their time enjoying different flavors of wine as they tour numerous vineyards. Well, with a considerable number of wine-producing nations worldwide, deciding on which country tour and which not to can be a hard task? However, this article compiles the must-tour places for one lover. It means that if you are the type of person who can’t go a day without having a glass of wine, here are seven beautiful destinations that you should visit.

7. Santorini in Greece

Greece is a country that is popular for producing various types of wines. There is, however, in an Island called Santorini that wines such as Assyrtiko originate. The white wine has dominated the American market for some time since its production began. The place also has remarkable views and fantastic spots to tour and learn the Greece culture. It is one location where a wine lover is going to have a fill of the Assyrtiko white wine and dine in some of the best hotels. The destination is always on the map as an incredible site for a wine enthusiast.

6. Maui in Hawaii

If you are yet to tick off Hawaii on your map, then you are missing out on an excellent destination for a wine lover. The island houses Maui, a wine haven that has impressive choices of wines. The site not only has tasty wines like March 1, 2, and 3, but it also offers glaciology classes. It is a class where you get to learn how the size, shape, and texture of glass affect the taste of wine.  You can also join some of the available tasting tours where you get to feel the notes and flavors of various wine.

5. San Luis Obispo in California

There is no better place to have a relaxed holiday and a fantastic time than San Luis Obispo. It is a town in California that provides visitors with a peaceful ambiance. Apart from visiting attraction sites like the available museums and mission centers, you can go ahead and enjoy fine wine. The best time to visit the place is in May, which is the month in which the Paso Robles Wine Festival takes place. During that time, you get to enjoy wines such as Bordeaux and Zinfandel red wine, among other Italian varieties.

4. Cape Town in South Africa

Fly over to Cape Town, South Africa, one of the best wine destinations in the world and have a magical moment. The place is famous for producing a variety of wines. It is also an ideal location with incredible attractions such as the table mountain, the Kirstenbosch national botanical gardens, and the Clifton and Camps bay beaches. You also get to tour fantastic wineries, including the popular De Grendel wine estate, Steenberg vineyards, and Groot Constantia trust. With these places, you are going to have a fantastic time.

3. Andalucía in Spain

There is no way you can compile a list of some of the best destinations for wine enthusiasts without mentioning Spain. Andalucía, a town in Spain, is the place where you should head. Every August 15th, there is the Noche Del Vino that is hosted to celebrate sweet wine. During the party, you get to press the grapes and listen to excellent Spaniard music. You can also have a taste of their favorite rioja as you relax and refresh yourself.

2. Sicily in Italy

As soon as you land in Italy, head over to Sicily the wine capital. It is the place where wines such as Malvasia, Nero d’Avola, Grillo, and Nerello Mascalese wines originate. The site sits off the Italian coast, and it offers at a strategic location. It is one of the few places that you can never run out wine options. Of all the destinations every wine lover should visit, Sicily should be on top of the list. You are also going to enjoy the best Italian eats that pair well with red or white wine.

1. Valle De Guadelupe in Mexico

Get ready to have a taste of some delicious full-bodied wines like Malbec, tempranillo, and Cabernet sauvignon. Some of the places you should visit include Vinas de Garza, Alximia winery as well as Casa de Piedra. The area also boasts of great restaurants and incredible tourist sites which are going to interest you. There are several wine tours and a good number of wine routes that are going to see you have an exciting stay.

Taking a trip to some of the cities mentioned above is going to see you have a remarkable time. After visiting these destinations, all you need is a carte a gratter for preserving your memories. Each place has distinct tourist attraction sites, but they all have one thing in common, they are the best wine destination. Don’t forget to go for wine tours and taste some of the best wines in the world.

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