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Wine and Cheez-Its — Yes, It’s Happening

Some say there is no better pairing than wine and cheese— until now. Cheez-It and House Wine are collaborating to create the ultimate summer duo: House...

6 Fall Southern Wine Festivals In 2019 To Plan For Now

Wine festivals require some planning. Here are 6 happening this fall across the South. Early ticket specials are often offered by many of these,...

Festivals In The South- May 2019

Our picks for festivals across the South in May, 2019- Renaissance Festival- Arrington, TN- Whole Month of May World Championship Memphis In May BBQ...

Target Introduces $5 Bottles of Sangria In Time For Summer

A couple of years ago Target, nefariously known for getting your money one dollar at a time, started carrying its own line of wine...

A Guide To Buying Texas Wines

Texas is a haven for wine lovers. Over 100 wineries dot the Texas landscapes. There are 8 grape growing regions according to the Texas...