Find the Best Match!

With the hyper-abundance of wines available, how is it possible to ensure that a wine picked matches with your preferred tastes and aromas? Like a Tinder match for your next perfect date, Vinifyed finds your next perfect wine.

Wine lovers finally get the technology they dreamed of – Vinifyed understands your refined preferences, and matches them to the right brands. It’s easy. Save your wine preferences on the app (or rate a few wines that you try). Then, when you’re browsing for your next bottle, simply take a picture of the label and Vinifyed will do the rest. It instantly calculates the “matching percentage” of the specific wine, based on your tastes. The app goes even further. It also helps you understand why you liked or will like each wine. Is it because of dryness, body, varietal, aroma, or acidity? This will all become much clearer to you as you grow your profile. Vinifyed has even incorporated suggested recipes and playlists to offer you the perfect pairings.

Thomas Rosalia, Vine Visitor’s President, and Co-founder: “I was brought to the wine industry later in my life, and I never had the education to understand wine or be able to choose wine myself in a store. The challenge behind Vinifyed was to graft a sommelier’s brain to a user-friendly tool for consumers.”

That’s my brain we are talking about, and Thomas keeps bugging into it. The idea is to teach people how to understand their tastes and find the wine that best matches them,” said Corentin Chon, COO, and Co-founder, who comes from a French winemaker family.

The other great component of Vinifyed? All the brands’ information is managed by the producers themselves, so you can learn straight from the source!

Vinifyed has been created by, Vine Visitor Inc., a California based startup. Vinifyed MVP release occurred in November 2018 and Vinifyed v2 was released on June 15th, 2019. The app is available on iOS and will be loved by wine buyers who wish to understand their tastes and use automated technology to help them select their wine in store or online.

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