Tim Conn, the founder and president of national commercial cleaning franchise Image One USA and a lifelong entrepreneur, has written his #1 bestselling debut book No New Ideas, Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Successful Franchise. The Light Hustle Publishing book is available for purchase on now.

No New Ideas gives readers a look behind the franchise curtain, offering practical advice to anyone who has considered buying a business but didn’t know where to start. Conn wrote the book as a way to inform and inspire.

Tim Conn sheds light on a business most people interact with on a daily basis but few understand and his book is packed with details that only someone who’s been in the trenches would know,” said Jody Williamson, Managing Director of Sandler Training Chicago, a leading sales training franchise. “No New Ideas should be considered required reading for anyone considering entering the franchise world.”

Having worked with hundreds of franchise owners and countless others who have considered franchising, Conn boils down the essence of franchising from the perspective of someone who has been in the trenches and has been a lifelong entrepreneur. Conn started his first cleaning business, Tidy Tim’s Cleaning, when he was 14 and worked it through college before venturing into the franchising world, first as a master franchisee and then as the founder of commercial cleaning concept Image One USA.

“People can complain about their circumstances, or they can do something about them,” Conn writes in the book’s introduction. “There is a common saying, ‘It is what it is,’ which implies that you’re simply forced to accept something. I couldn’t disagree more. I prefer a different version: It is what you make of it.”

Conn wants people to make the most of their situation. Throughout the book, Conn is an advocate for entrepreneurship and hard work and a kind of franchise and entrepreneur sommelier, carefully walking readers through facets of franchising and business ownership and providing them the information to make informed decisions about the best path for them.

Through eight chapters, Conn’s book offers readers a history of franchising, practical advice for matching their passions with a franchise, what to consider before moving forward and how to set themselves up for success in the long-run in the franchising industry.

Joel Weldon, a Hall of Fame speaker and creator of the Ultimate Speaking system said the book is “a must-read book for anyone considering franchising. Tim Conn is one of the very few people that can both do and teach. His real-world knowledge of franchising from both perspectives—as a franchisee and franchisor—are priceless. No New Ideas is packed with information that most franchisees never find out until it’s too late.”

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About Tim Conn

Tim Conn is the President and co-founder of Image One USA. Conn has made a career in the cleaning industry, beginning as a sole proprietor at the age of 14. Building on his success, he and his business partner launched Image One, a commercial cleaning franchise that trains franchisees in all facets of the business, including sales, operations and quality control. Based in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, Image One has nearly 100 franchise locations across the Chicagoregion and around the U.S., including in CincinnatiDenverDetroit, Ft. Myers, Nashville and Orlando.

The company has received recognition in the franchise industry for franchise owner satisfaction by the authoritative Franchise Business Review.