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How Much Should I Save Up To Pay Back In Taxes

by ASHLEY NIELSEN Tax season happens every year, and yet many of us are still worried we’re going to owe thousands of dollars to the...
Remote Work

How The Remote Work Boom Has Affected The South

by AINSLEY LAWRENCE Remote jobs provide employees with an unprecedented amount of freedom. For example, workers can now live in a completely different state, town,...

COVID Is Making GreatNuts.com Go…..Nuts!!

Two major airlines dropped their nuts from their first class cabins in March due to COVID-19.  The nut mixes were served in ramekins, and...

Energy Innovations Fueling Southern Businesses

Southern businesses are turning more towards renewable energy sources and the power companies in the south are innovating new ways to provide power to...

TopGolf Earns U.S. Best Managed Company Award

Topgolf Entertainment Group, a global sports and entertainment community, has been recognized with the US Best Managed Companies award, sponsored by Deloitte Private and...

Why Do Some Companies Excel and Others Fail?

Business growth, especially sustainable profitable growth, is highly desired and very elusive. Margaret Reynolds, formerly lead strategic office of Hallmark Cards and now known as...

Why Are The So Many Bad Managers?

Bad managers kill motivation, stifle growth and create toxic environments that make people want to quit their jobs. That's why companies spend billions of...

Blount County TN Becoming Favorite For Business Retreats

When planning a company meeting, retreat or conference, it's a challenge to find the right destination. But Blount County, Tennessee, nestled in the Smoky Mountains,...

Office Style: What Men Should Wear For Business Casual

by guest writer, Mariam Simmons  If you’re like most people, you often struggle with what to wear at work. That’s not surprising at all.  Given the fact...

15 Crazy Things You Can Insure In 2019

If you know one thing about '40's film star Betty Grable, it's probably that Lloyd's of London insured her legs for over $1 million. And that's back in...