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If you know one thing about ’40’s film star Betty Grable, it’s probably that Lloyd’s of London insured her legs for over $1 million. And that’s back in the days when you could get a new Ford station wagon for under $2,000.

It may have been a publicity stunt, but it had a real purpose. The starlet was famous for her legs, so any injury would not only have cost her a career, her movie studio would have lost one of its most bankable stars.

That’s the purpose of insurance – to protect us from risk. That’s why most of us have health insurance, auto insurance and home insurance. But what about more exotic risks like wedding insurance or riot insurance? Well, it turns out, if you shop around, you can probably buy coverage. What if you’re afraid of being hit by space debris? There’s insurance for that. How about a hurricane ruining your wedding day? You’re covered.

The editors at, the digital business publication, set out to uncover some of the wackiest insurance policies, and they got more than they bargained for. From fantasy sports wages insurance to policies to protect against terrorism – HERE is the full report.

15 Craziest Things to Insure

#1. Cyber Extortion Protection
#2. Food Poisoning Protection
#3. Terrorism Protection
#4. Employees Winning the Lottery
#5. Hole-in-One Prize (Golf)
#6. Space Debris Protection
#7. Body Parts
#8. Personality/Humor
#9. Sperm
#10. Fantasy Sports Wagers
#11. Riot Protection
#12. Kidnapping and Ransom Expenses
#13. Weddings
#14. Christmas Caroling
#15. Paranormal Abductions

“I love the fact that a business can insure against its employees hitting the lottery and all quitting at once,” says Sarah Wright-Killinger, Managing Editor, “We may have to look into that here.”

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