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by guest writer, Mariam Simmons 

If you’re like most people, you often struggle with what to wear at work.

That’s not surprising at all. 

Given the fact that you go to the office five times a week, it’s easy to run out of some fashionable business outfit ideas. You can’t always wear the same clothes.

You don’t always have to look too stern or formal when going to the office. At the same time, you don’t want to look too casual.

For a sharp yet laid back look, you should go for a business casual style.

1. What’s Business Casual?

Business casual is a look that is meant for business purposes. The idea is to project a professional image while pulling together a more casual look. When choosing an outfit that’s business casual, always lean to the more professional aspect (business) than the more laidback aspect (casual).

But that shouldn’t be the case now. Here are some ideas on what to wear in the office.

2. Casual Suit Style

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You’ll never go wrong with suits. Whatever the season, suits always make a great, fashionable choice for men. But you don’t have to look too stiff or formal. You can make your outfit more relaxed for a usual day in the office by skipping the tie and the pocket square. Complete your outfit with a pair of polished men’s leather boots and a more casual leather briefcase. And instead of the more formal white button-down, opt for a dressy polo shirt (try on different colors). But remember to pick a tailored casual suit. Just because it’s casual doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the size and fit.

3. Creative Style


If you hate suits or feel more comfortable wearing clothes that are a little informal and unique, this style is for you. The creative style is a great choice for professionals working in advertising, tech, media, and other creative industries. But to pull off this relaxed, playful, and creative kind of outfit, your closet should have the following:


Yup. You can wear jeans in the office. Even that faded pair of jeans should fit you well. Just do away from heavy fading styles and ripped jeans, and opt for a mid-to-dark wash.


What’s the perfect pair of jeans? T-shirt of course. You can make a statement by wearing shirts with sophisticated graphics or stunning patterns. You can dress it up a bit by layering with a toned-down jacket and a pair of lace-up shoes.


For a more relaxed look, consider wearing wool or knitted jackets which are best for winter and fall seasons. There are different types of men’s business casual jackets. They include sports coats that often come in lighter shades, as well as suit jackets that are sharp and more sophisticated than traditional jackets.

4. Smart Casual

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A pair of mid-weight chinos makes a perfect semi-formal choice for a smart business casual outfit. It’s okay to have one or two pairs of cropped trousers but you should have more regular lengths for a more professional look. Additionally, stick with more classic colors like navy blue or camel, and go for a fit that is slim but not skinny. 


Sneakers don’t have a place in the business casual style. Dress shoes are the safest choice. Go for loafers, derbies, brogues, or Oxfords to look stylish and professional in the office. For quality and style, leather is the best choice. For the color, opt for traditional ones like black, brown, tan, or oxblood.


If you prefer bolder colors, knits are the ideal clothing choice. They look casual enough to give you that laid back feel but professional enough to be worn in the office. Aim for a slim fit at a belt-line length. Cardigans also make a great alternative especially if you’re wearing a tie. Just leave two buttons on the bottom undone. 


When it comes to accessories, less is more. The staples include ties, a wristwatch, belt, fedora, and pocket squares. But this is also the part when you can really express your style. Feel free to play with colors, patterns, and designs that will make your look stand out and reveal your personality. 

Business casual is the way to go if you want comfortable yet sharp and stylish workwear. Hope these outfit ideas have inspired you to look and feel more confident at work.

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