The sensational tale of Nathan the baker - Romain David Angeletti - front cover

Discover the story of the mysterious bread that makes people happy with bakerly’s new book: The sensational tale of Nathan the baker, a fiction inspired by bakerly’s very own bakers.

bakerly is a happy baked goods company that offers delicious crêpes & pancakes to go, and authentic French brioche, and this book project started when Romain David Angeletti, the author, visited bakerly’s production plant. While filming a documentary, he met a team of people passionate about their profession and who explained to him the secrets of the authentic French brioche recipe.

French breads and brioche are renowned worldwide, but what people don’t obviously know, is that the key is in the ingredients and in the complex production process that is essential to master. It is in this logic of educating the customer and the audience that Romain and bakerly came up with this book: The sensational tale of Nathan the baker.

This book is an initiatory tale that tells the path towards the exciting profession that is baker. You will follow the story of Nathan, a young man who discovered a secret that completely changed the course of his life. You will read about his journey through forests with eyes, deserts where dunes became warm breads, traveling far and wide, meeting sacred animals and extraordinary people, climbing the giants of the woods, drinking volcano water (the list goes on), to reveal the mysteries of this secret.

A word from the author, Romain David Angeletti: “Writing a tale about the brioche’s secret recipe also means writing about the passion behind a beautiful profession and, through the adventures and mystery, defend the values of a savoir-faire [expertise in French] where quality ingredients is key.”

The book is available in English (110 pages) and French (112 pages). The paperback version can be bought on bakerly’s website and on Amazon for $14.99.