Blade and Bow 22-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Aged 22 Years returns for Stitzel-Weller Distillery’s 85th anniversary.

In celebration of the historic opening of the Stitzel-Weller Distillery 85 years ago, Blade and Bow has re-released its rare and limited 22-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon. An ode to the distinctive distillers who set the standard for crafting exceptional bourbon, this award-winning whiskey is the latest release from the famed distillery and will be available in 12 states as well as at Stitzel-Weller itself.

“We are honored to call the Stitzel-Weller Distillery home to Blade and Bow bourbons, and to play a part in preserving the careful craftsmanship and unique artistry that was established and perfected within these walls,” said Meghan Redler, Brand Manager for Blade and Bow. “Releasing Blade and Bow 22-Year-Old this year during Bourbon Heritage Month allows us to pay homage to this historic distillery with our finest liquid.”

This coveted re-release is available just in time for this celebratory month, which was originally created to emphasize the significance of bourbon being America’s “Native Spirit.” The month-long celebration aims to highlight the heritage, craftsmanship, tradition and achievements that the bourbon industry has contributed to the United States. As the most recently aged and bottled bourbon at the Stitzel-Weller Distillery, which includes some of the last bourbon produced there before it closed in 1992, and inspired by the passion of its original creators, Blade and Bow’s 22-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon makes for the perfect bottle to commemorate the occasion.

“Beginning with a pronounced nose reminiscent of toasted oak layered with vanilla bean, figs and a light touch of dark caramel, this limited-release bourbon’s taste is accented with notes of torched sugar and apples baked in honey and spices,” said Doug Kragel, Lead Educator for Blade and Bow. “With the rich history of the Stitzel-Weller distillery palpable in every sip, Blade and Bow 22-Year-Old is truly the perfect nod to the days of bourbon past.”

Embodying the one-of-a-kind artistry that has been produced by Stitzel-Weller’s rich traditions, the rarity of Blade and Bow’s 22-Year-Old has created a cult-like following, drawing in consumers who are looking to taste a bit of the past. Blade and Bow 22-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey will be available in limited quantities beginning in September in the following states: CaliforniaTexasGeorgiaColoradoNew YorkSouth CarolinaIllinoisKentuckyWashington, D.C.TennesseeNorth Carolina and Virginia. Learn more by following @bladeandbowwhiskey on Instagram.

This remarkable bourbon is best enjoyed slowly and responsibly.