How Do 300 of America’s Leading Politicians, Entertainers and Business Leaders Persuade Us to Like Them – and Dislike Them – Intensely?

The formula for each public figure is revealed in a critically acclaimed new book from Harper Business, “THE TURN-ON.”

In the first book that examines the likeability of more than 300 leading public figures by name, Harper Business announces the publication of “THE TURN ON: How The Powerful Make Us Like Them – From Washington to Wall Street to Hollywood,” by 10-time Emmy Award-winning producer, lawyer, civil rights leader and political strategist Steven Goldstein.   Harper Business will release the book Tuesday, October 22.

Certain to captivate readers from every walk of life, THE TURN-ON examines the likeability tactics of the famous stars in politics, business and entertainment:  From Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Warren, to Warren Buffett and Tim Cook, to Meryl Streep and Beyonce and hundreds more.  Goldstein not only reveals how they win us over, but he also reveals how some public figures chase us away through scandal or deadly personality flaws.  At every turn, Goldstein names names.

Pre-publication, rave reviews of THE TURN-ON have been rolling in.

Booklist:  “Real-world examples using recognizable names make every page fascinating.”

Kirkus Reviews:   “Goldstein’s expertise shines.  A psychologically provocative study on the gravity of charm, charisma and outward impressions.”

Library Journal in a starred review:  “Highly recommended.  Goldstein’s background and his references to present-day events” strengthen “the work’s timely relevance.”

Through his original model of eight key personality traits, Goldstein, who has molded the images of politicians and studied entertainers and business leaders for more than 25 years, provides pioneering insight into why some public figures turn us on – and keep us riveted – long after interest in others has waned.

Featuring exclusive interviews, personal behind-the-scenes stories, and original analysis that he has taught at leading universities, Goldstein examines how some public figures destroy their likeability through scandal, whether self-inflicted and otherwise; and why some public figures, but not others, bounce back from scandal.

Goldstein orders his model’s eight likeability traits in four pairings that reveal themselves in successive stages.

First, a public figure reveals the Gateway Traits of Captivation and Hope.
Second, the public figure reveals the Foundation Traits of Authenticity and Relatability.
Third, the public figure reveals the Clincher Traits of Protectiveness and Reliability. 
Fourth, the public figure reveals Conscience Traits of Perceptiveness and Compassion.

Within each of the eight traits are three subtraits of likeability, comprising 24 likeability subtraits in all.  Each public figure in THE TURN-ON has a different balance of the eight traits and 24 subtraits.  Public figures are stronger in some traits and subtraits than others.

THE TURN-ON will be an invaluable resource for journalists and voters in assessing the likeability of the 2020 Presidential candidates. THE TURN-ON also reveals the likeability and unlikeability traits of world leaders Trump, Putin, Merkel, Macron, Trudeau, China’s Xi, India’s Modi, Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth.

Drawing from his experience as a civil rights leader, Goldstein also examines the double-standards of likeability that confront public figures who are women, African-American and members of the LGBTQ community.

Currently, Goldstein is studying to become a rabbi at the Academy for Jewish Religion in New York.

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