We Love Y’all- here’s a true Valentine’s Day short from the editor. Let’s remember this happened a while back , and I am from the South, so the facts are all pretty much true.
A friend of mine’s family has owned a floral shop in Tennessee for decades. A decade or so ago they hired some extra help for Valentine’s Day, including one person just to write the cards and put them on the proper arrangement.
The calls starting pouring in from panicking procrastinators and those taking calls would take notes for the cards.
Of course, many of us of the male persuasion lack literary eloquence, so “Happy Valentine’s Day” was usually the phrase of the day.
Like I said y’all it was busy , so finding a quicker way to do things included just writing under notes : “Happy VD”.
I see no reason to drag this out at this point, I think y’all know where this is going’. It was an honest mistake. Let’s just say a few folks were very happy on Valentine’s Day….and then confusion…and some panic set in.
The mistake was found, apologies were made, and laughs were had. Everyone was forgiven.
So, take some time today, and preferably every day….whether you are getting flowers or not…. to laugh, love,smile and forgive! And remember, it’s not the thought that counts, it’s the action.
Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all!