Summer is here, and watermelon is awesome for you! We here at y’all figured that if you took watermelon and coconut water and mixed it with alcohol, then it was kinda like healthy drinkin’. At least that’s what we are telling ourselves with this tasty recipe.

Here’s what y’all are gonna need:

8 cups of chilled seedless watermelon

8 oz. of coconut water

1/2 a lime



  • Throw the watermelon, coconut water and squeeze the lime into a blender
  • Blend until smooth
  • Pour over ice and then top with vodka
  • Stir
  • If you are the “garnishment” type, use the left over lime and cut into wedges

NOTE- Add a ‘lil “heat-  Diced fresh jalapeno ( like maybe a 1/4 and remove the seeds) added to the blender mix will give you a nice kick!

Enjoy and remember to properly hydrate.