Photo by La Miko from Pexels

August means Fall will be coming soon. At least we hope soon in the South. This is a good time to put plans in motion for Fall house maintenance that will help reduce costs and save money in the long run. If you would like to see more DIY tips check out “Tricks of the Trade” on Y’all TV every Saturday.

  • Have your furnace checked by a professional.. If it’s over 15 years old you might think about the purchase of a new one soon.
  • Check your hot water heater. Look for rust around pipe joints and on bottom. If it is over 15 years old, again, it might be time to think replacement.
  • Check your window insulation. Check caulk seals before you think about putting up those storm windows. If the show signs of wear it might be time to grab a tube of caulk and remove the old and replace with new.
  • Check weather stripping around doors.
  • Check the attic.. Seal drafts..But do not close your vents.. Otherwise moisture can’t escape and mildew and mold take over.
  • Clean the gutters… Fix any gutter drains.. replace as needed. Poor gutter maintenance leads to roof issues that cost major dollars down the road.
  • Get your mulch down to protect perennials.
  • Replace missing shingles… When you are up there checking the gutters, look up. Get any missing shingles replaced ASAP. 
  • Get your fireplace ready. Clean the flue. Preferably just have a professional come in and do this. Check your chimney caps for any critters that may have built a nest. Most fall and winter roof fires start because no one checked the chimney and the cap.
  • Switch ceiling fans direction: Spring and Summer Clockwise..Fall and Winter Counter-clockwise.
  • If your A/C unit is separate from your heating unit, cover it for the winter.
  • This is a good time to clean your carpet. Spring and Summer bring increased traffic and your carpets are probably worse than you think. If you have a pet this article may help.

That’s it for now y’all. It’s never to early to make plans and start fall maintenance of your house.