If you are a pet owner, you understand the value of potty-training your pets. The importance of training them to signal and leave the premises to pee or poop at a very young age reflects on their manners later. But as a pet owner, it is also relatable for us to understand how no matter how much you are training them, the occasional pee accidents are unavoidable. It could be because you missed the scheduled time for their break, or they are physically or mentally ill, or just an accident. While this type of behaviour is quite common and nothing to stress over, it is the pee stains that you need to be worried about.

Dog pee stains are hard to eliminate from hardwood floors, carpets, or any place in your house. It becomes a tougher problem to handle the longer you leave it unnoticed. Your regular detergents and floor cleaners may not be the best solution to remove the stains and smell associated with your dog urine. But this doesn’t mean you need to let it become a part of your home either. Here are five amazingly simple tips on how to remove pet urine stains from your homes, if they are old and you forgot to get to cleaning them.

Wet Vacuum

 If the stain is dried, then ensure you do not use steam in this area. A steam cleaner will heat the stain and cause the odor to become stronger. The same goes for cleaning the fabric in a washing machine too. It will leave the entire machine with the stench and cause a deeper problem. A wet vac in the area of the stain is the best way to eliminate dog urine stains and smell from carpets or other fabrics around the house. Start by rinsing the area with wet paper towels. Do not use soap or any stain removing liquid initially. 

Using the wet vac saturate the area and keep repeatedly cleaning until the stain starts to remove. As the urine is dry, the traces would have now been set in the fabric. Repeated soaking helps wet the area and absorb the stain as much as possible. Work with a mixture of warm and cold water in the areas to soak it properly. Use paper towels along with the vacuum to try and dissolve away the stain repeatedly. If you feel like the stain is starting to remove, then repeat the vacuum in the area and try to eliminate as much as possible. Use detergent in the area after this and clean it using paper towels before you send it for washing.

Kitchen Hacks

Simple kitchen ingredients can be extremely beneficial to get rid of dog urine stains from fabrics at home. A mixture of acid and base substances from your kitchen will initiate a salt formation that binds with the stain from the fabric and removes it in the process. Some of the best kitchen ingredients that work magic in cleaning such stains are white vinegar, club soda, and baking soda. White vinegar can soak the stain well. It also helps neutralize the odor from the stain and get rid of it quickly. Soak the area with a mixture of equal parts of white vinegar and cold water. Let the mixture dry for about an hour. Leave it for longer, if the stain is large or tough. Once it dries, vacuum the area and your fabric or carpet will be ready.

When it comes to cleaning a soiled carpet, club soda and baking soda are magical ingredients that can work even on the toughest of stains. The effervescence from the soda efficiently removes the stains and the smell from any cloth surface. Blot the spot and apply some club soda or a mixture of baking soda and water to it. Use this treatment in the area multiple times until the stain starts to wear off.

Strong Concoction For Strong Stains

Some stains require a stronger concoction to dissolve completely. It is especially the case when you are working with thick fabrics, such as in the case of your carpets or curtains. The material soaks in the urine too much, and it becomes difficult with simple kitchen ingredients to get rid of them. A simple recipe for homemade stain removing concoction can be beneficial to relieve from these stinky stains around the house. In a bowl, mix three parts of hydrogen peroxide with about one teaspoon of dish detergent. You can add more dish detergent if you feel like the solution might damage your carpet. Apply baking soda to the stained area. Now blot this concoction in a small area over this to test the mixture. You can dilute if you feel like it is damaging or bleaching the carpet. Apply the mixture and gently rub the area with paper towels to remove the stain spots.

Citrus Enzyme Cleaner

Marker stain removal cleaner usually contains enzymes that help break down the chemicals in the urine stain and remove them from the fabric eventually. You can prepare your very own stain removal cleaner at home using citrus ingredients that can efficiently clean the place and neutralize the smell. In a container, add seven tablespoons of brown sugar. Add 1 ½ cups of orange peels and lemon peels to this container. Add water to the mixture and screw the container. Shake the container and open the cap slightly to let the gas release. You can add some vinegar to this solution to make it stronger. Rub this solution in the area and slowly remove the stains.   

There is also an easier recipe for citrus enzyme cleaner here

Hardwood Floor Stains

Urine stains on a hardwood floor are also difficult to remove if they have been there for long. White vinegar and water in 1-1 ratio is the best way to get rid of them. Using a sponge rub this solution in the area. Wipe off with a dry towel after 15 minutes. 

These simple tips will help you get rid of old dog urine stains and smell from your floor and fabrics easily.

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