Photo by from Pexels

Happy first day of Spring. Here in the South it means warmer temps and pollen. It means gardening.. and pollen. It means entertaining .. and pollen. Did I mention pollen y’all?

But ,seriously, when Spring hits the South, the first thought is usually: when can we get the friends together and grill out and entertain? Here are 5 tips to make planning that Spring party a little easier:

  1. Grab a power sprayer– or a brush and some environmentally safe cleaning soap and knock off the winter blues. Patio furniture, deck, picnic table all need some freshening. Don’t forget that grill! Inside and out, get it ready for some Spring fun!
  2. Add some fresh flowers– Potted planters or hanging baskets are an easy way to brighten up the patio and entertaining areas. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, this is an easy way to get that Spring feels.
  3. Prepare a good “Spring Playlist” – Music and sunshine are beautiful together. Always have a good mix of music available to play in the background. “Mix” being the keyword here. There is only so much Jimmy Buffet one can handle at one time.
  4. Check the gas tank – Most of you have gas grills now, check the tank, make sure you have a backup. That includes for those gas fire pits to. Spring nights in the South can get a lil nippy at times. If you have charcoal grills or a wood smoker. Check your supplies. Stock up as needed.
  5. Have fun! – Plan ahead, don’t let it stress you. R-E-L-A-X. Matter of fact ain’t nothing wrong with takin’ a ‘lil nip or three before the guests arrive, just to get in, as Granny called it, “an enjoyable mood”. No matter what, it’s your party, your house, your friends. Enjoy the Spring weather and their company!