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By Ross Gellar, Guest writer

Packing can be stressing for anybody. After all, nobody wants those disorganized baggage slowing down your clearance at the airports. Unfortunately, packing for the little ones isn’t the most straightforward task on earth. But, with the right know-how, you are all set to go and make your packing easy. Here are seven packing tips for travelling with kids:

  1. Do prior research and prepare a packing list for every child

 One of the things to first research on is the luggage weight limits, especially if you are flying. Also, some countries will require you to obtain a Visa for your child when flying. Some states require you to provide a birth certificate as proof of parentage. This verification allows you to either leave or enter the country with a child. 

The weather at your destination should also guide you on the outfits you need to pack. Plan accordingly on what your kids might wear. Compile a list of everything they will need, including socks, underwear and accessories for every outfit. For those items, you may require to purchase, include them and mark them boldly so that you pick them before commencing the journey.

  1. Pack the kid’s clothes in reusable storage bags

 Ziplocs and grocery bags will be effective when packing for your kids. For every outfit, pick a bag. Include everything you will need for that outfit such as shorts, socks, tops, bracelet and underwear. By doing so, you get to pack a day’s gear. Where possible, involve the kids in packing. We all know how easily kids can mess their clothes so, be sure to pack extra clothes for at least a day.

  1. Minimize on the kids’ load where possible

You can do this by rolling their clothes instead of folding. Rolling not only saves on space but also protects your clothes from too many creases. Packing cubes also help in packing by improving on accessibility and organization of items. Also, pack clothes that are easy to mix and match. This means that one pair of jeans should be wearable with at least two to three tops without looking ridiculous. Planning to wash and re-wear means there is no need to pack the entire wardrobe.

  1. Get a bag for each kid

Sharing the bags will help eliminate disorganization. Another advantage is that with each kid having their bags, carrying them will be much easier. However, you must ensure that none of the luggage weights exceeds 10% of the kid’s weight in the bags. Pack each of the items in every kid’s pack. Where possible, before packing them involve the kids. This ensures you do not experience their tantrums as you try convincing them to wear their least favourite clothes. You may even opt to purchase some of the items at your destination.

  1. Be sure to pack entertainment gear

Being family time does not eliminate the need to carry the entertainment equipment for your little ones: pack DVDs and MP3 players with children’s songs, movies and audiobooks. Also, pack chargers for these devices — plan to purchase new toys to keep them captivated during long drives or moments of boredom. For older kids, get them travel journals. Writing their day’s experiences is a way of helping them make memories. Kids can also play games such as crosswords. To check the crossword, they can surf the internet for independent crossword 911 and access their score.

  1. Carry a first aid kit

It is a must-to-pack item for any trip. You never know when injuries may occur, hence the need for disinfectants and bandages. Mosquito repellents are particularly useful when travelling to mosquito-infested areas. Also, for skin protection, pack sunscreen lotion for use by both the kids and yourself. Packing anti-histamines will help get rid of those sneezes that may develop as a result of coming into contact with pollen and dust. If either you or any of the kids are taking prescription medication, ensure you bring it along. Carry these medications in their original packaging. It is particularly helpful if your luggage is checked and you need to explain why you are carrying medicines across the border.

  1. A reusable water bottle is a necessity

Staying hydrated is vital for your young ones to prevent chances of constipation and other stomach problems. Carry a water bottle that you can easily refill along the way. You can easily refill these water bottles at your pit stops.


When travelling with kids, you should also carry an extra outfit for you. It is because diapers may leak or you get spit-ups after feeding them. Deliver to your kid’s new experiences by letting them decide some activities they may want to engage in during your vacation. You can trace the map of places that you visit using your kids’ help by using a scratch-off map. This way, you will cooperatively participate in making memories. Have fun!

Author bio: Ross Geller is a working Designer and passionate writer. He enjoys writing about the latest home decor and lifestyle trends all around the globe. he hopes to influence as many people as possible to help build a beautiful home and space.