by Fallon Flores, Guest Contributor

Pregnancy is a fantastic time for all women. However, when it comes to fashion, it’s one of the toughest times for many. And what’s more? Most women don’t care much about their looks. When pregnant, your body keeps changing and finding the right clothes to suit your wardrobe as your belly grows can be difficult. But, there are many pregnancy outfit ideas, and it’s still possible to maintain that fashionable look.

1. Chic maternity outfits are a must-have!

Get trendy maternity clothes and pamper yourself as much as possible. Remember, color is a vital part of modern maternity wear, so don’t confine yourself to dull and neutral hues. Opt for bright colors like yellow, pink, orange and elaborate patterns. When you dress well, you feel good about yourself; additionally, this boosts your confidence.

2. Opt for multi-functional clothes 

Remember you won’t be pregnant for long, and you won’t wear your clothes for long. So, it’s not advisable to buy so many maternity clothes, instead pick attires that you can wear even after you get the baby. For instance, go for clothes that you can convert from a t-shirt that you were during the day to a tunic for evenings.

 3. Show some skin

 If you’re small chested, pregnancy is the best time to flaunt your cleavage. Therefore, forego those padded bras and utilize the chance by dressing in sweaters or scoop-neck T-shirts. However, don’t reveal so much for this doesn’t work for everyone. Only choose cute clothes which you’ll be comfortable wearing and be sure to look chic and stylish.

 4. Go skinny!

 If you loved wearing jeans before you got pregnant, don’t let your pregnancy limit you. Many maternity stores nowadays stock stretchy and super comfortable skinny jeans and maternity leggings that can flaunt your curves. These are specially designed for your growing tummy and come in various styles. Therefore, you can always get what fits you perfectly.

 5. Go for baby doll dresses.

 Baby doll dresses are great pregnancy outfit ideas; these charming dresses make your baby bump look attractive and are also very comfortable. Have quite a number in varying colors, and you’ll be surprised how long they can last. Moreover, they also come in handy after the baby is born since you can wear them for a few weeks. If you need to cover up a little, have some doll tank tops and wear them on top of a long sleeve shirt.

  1. Pick high-empire waist dresses.

 These are fabulous maternity dresses. They complement every figure and also allows the cloth to fall wonderfully over your tummy. The design also gives enough room, and this means that you can wear the dress in style until you get your baby.

 7. Choose snug clothes

 Wearing bulky clothes to conceal your size may seem like a great idea, but this only makes you look bigger. Instead, emphasize your feature with fitting tops and knits that stretch to fit your figure; these make you look more refined. Also, keep off attires with large prints, and opt for ones that come in color blocks, and they will make you look slimmer.

 8. Accessorize!

 Accentuate your looks by use of accessories like dangling earrings, necklaces hair scarves, and jeweled waist cuffs. You can also carry an artistic purse and sandals if you’re going to be on your feet the entire day. Pretty shoes and some accessories can easily add some flare to an otherwise simple ensemble.

 Take away

 There are many pregnancy outfit ideas to help you flaunt tummy. Choose clothes in light fabrics; they not only look great but are also excellent pregnancy outfits for summer. They prevent you from feeling overheated and drape over your body superbly making you look fantastic.