Just in time for beach season,, part of the Dating Group and the company behind numerous online dating sites, has polled its users to determine whether or not displaying shirtless pictures on dating profiles has an impact on their chances of finding a match. Results reveal a major disconnect between a majority of men, who believe shirtless pictures help their chances of finding love, and women, who believe this imagery portrays immaturity.

Before posting this summer’s oceanfront shirtless snapshot, consider the following standout findings from’s latest survey:

  • On average, Men with shirtless pictures displayed on their profile have 25% fewer matches.
  • Yet, nearly 90% of men believe that shirtless pictures help their chances of landing a match.
  • More than half of all women surveyed (66%) indicate that shirtless pictures implies a lack of maturity and self-awareness.
  • 76% of women said they’d be unlikely to consider dating a man with shirtless images displayed in their profile for a committed relationship. 15% would be open to a hookup and 9% would consider a friendship.
  • Three out of every five male dating profiles contain at least one shirtless picture.
  • One out of every five female dating profiles contains at least one bikini/bathing suit picture. This same group of women had a more than 40% increase in overall match rates, compared to their covered up counterparts.
  • Members of the LGBTQ+ community are four times more likely to include a shirtless picture in their dating profile.

And if modesty isn’t typically your strong suit, our experts suggest working towards the following:

  • Analyze the current status of your online dating profile. Replace any shirtless pictures with those that still represent you and your personality, but in a less proactive manner. Family, pet and travel photos are always super lovable and attractive!
  • Wait until you get to know more about your online match before starting to show some skin. Love isn’t about looks, and leading with shirtless pictures sends the message that appearance is what you value most.
  • If you’d like to show off your body, plan a beach date together with your new match – socially distanced, of course! This creates a more natural opportunity for you and your match to see a bit more of each other.

“We’re here to make online dating more effective for all involved by sharing what we know about dating preferences,” says Maria Sullivan, dating expert and Vice President of “As masses of new users enter the online dating scene, given the current lack of in-person relationship-building opportunities amid the pandemic, we want to inform the public of common profile pitfalls before they miss out on a match.”

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