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Whether you’re a gin novice or connoisseur, you should read our guide for a useful refresher on one of the most popular spirits in the world.  

Over the past few years, the world has rediscovered its love for gin. In fact, experts estimate that a jaw-dropping 60 million cases are sold around the world every year. So how has gin gone from “Mother’s Ruin” to the trendy drink du jour? 

A Cocktail Classic 

Gin has been a favourite ingredient among cocktailers from the very beginning. A drinks cabinet staple, gin is a key ingredient in many of the most well-known cocktails. This is because its clear, neutral flavour works beautifully with other ingredients. What’s more, the use of botanicals can add a subtle but delicious kick to the mix. The recent resurgence of interest in cocktails has also helped to bring back this incredibly versatile spirit.  

1. Intro

2. What Is Gin?

3. The Rise of Gin

4. Why The Comeback?

5. Styles

6. Botanicals

7. Recipes

If you would like to learn more about gin, then you should take a look at this helpful infographic from the team at Lakeshore Convention Centre. This helpful guide provides a detailed beginner’s guide to the juniper-flavoured spirit including information about the different styles of gin as well as five classic cocktail recipes.