So, with Father’s Day and the 4th quickly approaching we thought we would help you in deciding how to pick that perfect sweet watermelon. Here are 6 steps to do so:

  1. Symmetry – Look for a consistently shaped melon. And preferably with no cuts or bumps. Misshapen or irregularly formed watermelons are usually a sign of improper sun or water.
  2. Weight – Pick it up, grab another. The heavier it is the riper it is.
  3. Field Spot– This isn’t a wives tale. Find that yellow spot. The darker the more time it spent in the sun.  If it is white or nonexistent it was picked to soon.
  4. Color– The darker green the better. Shiny and light usually means it was picked to soon.
  5. Stripes – There should be dark green stripes with light green in between. The wider the stripe the sweeter the melon.
  6. Listen to your melons– Give the watermelon a firm grip with your knuckles and listen to the sound it makes. For a ripe melon, you want a full sound, more tenor than bass. An unripe melon will make a dull or deep sound.