9 Unique Gifts For Moms Who Spend A Lot Of Time In The Kitchen


Moms juggle endless tasks at work and home, and when it comes to the kitchen, mom dons a cape and becomes a super-chef. They spend a lot of time whipping up feasts and creating foodie adventures for the family. If you are a mom and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you’re probably always looking for ways to simplify meal-making while still keeping it exciting and enjoyable.

Here are some ways you can show your appreciation for mom, gain brownie points, and make her life a lot easier. There are some thoughtful and unique gifts you can get for moms who spend a lot of time making delicious treats for the family.

Time Saving Gifts

1. Spice Organizer

Every meal needs the perfect spice blend. You could spice up mom’s life with a magnetic spice rack or a rotating spice stand. Instead of rummaging for spices in a drawer or cupboard, mom can keep all her favorite dried herbs and spice blends in easy proximity for cooking. It’s highly convenient and will save time in the kitchen.

2. Bread Slicing Tray

Nothing beats the aroma of a slice of fresh bread with melted butter, or tasty cheeseburgers, but clearing up the crumbs can be annoying. This is where a bread-slicing tray with a crumb catcher comes in handy. Everyone can enjoy perfectly sliced bread, and the crumb catcher means less cleaning up and a happy mom.

3. Spiralizers

You will have mom spinning out of control with a spiralizer. Instead of creating the same effect with a vegetable peeler, she can easily turn vegetables into noodles within moments. The vegetables will look great, and mom can save hours preparing meals.

Gifts Of Convenience

4. Thermometers

Mom might already have a meat thermometer, but she likely doesn’t have a candy thermometer. A candy thermometer has a long, slim design and a high-temperature range to measure the extreme heat that some sugars reach. This is the perfect, unique gift for a mom who often makes candy for the family.

5. Kitchen Scale

When it comes to modern kitchen accessories, most moms have a kitchen scale, especially if they create their tasty treats by following a recipe. However, a new scale might be a very thoughtful gift because some modern scales accommodate different weighting systems (like metric and imperial), which makes it a lot easier to cook a meal anywhere in the world on any measuring system.

6. Mortar and Pestle

Spices are part of most meals, and a contemporary spice grinder can save a lot of time. However, some moms prefer a classic mortar and pestle because they believe that crushing the spices helps to release extra flavor. You’ll need to decide if mom is ready for the convenience and ease of a new-age grinder or if a classic mortar and pestle would be more pleasing.

7. Food Chopper

Meal preparation is usually what takes up most of mom’s time in the kitchen. Chopping, dicing, slicing, blending, and whipping are all time-consuming and require a lot of energy. After a long day, it would be easier to use a multi-function food chopper. Also known as a wet basket, mom can chop up veggies, rinse them, and drain them all in one bowl. The convenience and time saved will make mom happy, especially if she is making market salad.

Personalized Gifts

8. Engraved Cutting Board

Nothing says I am thinking of you as much as a personalized gift. An engraved cutting board set is a lovely gift for moms who are often kitchen-bound. Seeing that special message every day would be a reminder that her meals are appreciated.

Gifts for Entertaining

9. Charcuterie Board

Spoil mom for a cheese and wine night and gift her with a charcuterie board (cheese board). Some special charcuterie boards come with a board and trays holding accessories. This means mom gets some relaxation out of the kitchen, and the cheese board set is kept neatly together.

Bonus Gift Ideas

Some moms enjoy music while they cook, so wireless headphones might be a great idea. Mom can have her favorite songs playing as she dances from counter to counter and creates some imaginative and creative dishes.

If mom would like a more whimsical gift, then an embroidered apron and mittens, complete with mom’s name and a funny saying or picture, will give her extra joy when she’s whipping up the next feast for the family to enjoy.

It is important to show your appreciation for those perfectly crafted meals. So celebrate the moms who dedicate time to make your tummy happy with a unique and special gift.


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