George Dickel Announces the Release of Bottled in Bond (Fall 2008) (PRNewsfoto/George Dickel Tennessee Whisky)

Food and alcohol, that’s what a city must have to welcome tourists. What could be the best, when we want incredible food and brilliant liquor other than the USA?  The food, culture, and vibe in the U.S. states are irreplaceable. Sipping the best American whiskey from a flask while traveling the streets of New York would be on the bucket list of many travelers. While most of the fellow travelers would be busy discovering American cities, you will booze the authentic American spirits from direct distilleries. 

 Perhaps you don’t want to miss the chance to visit exclusive Jack Daniel’s distillery in Tennessee or the Bourbon Trail Shops in Kentucky. For you, being a whiskey lover, we’ve compiled a list of top six destinations to make the most out of the USA. Not only will you awestruck with these distilleries’ glorifying premises, but you will also love to taste its impeccable whiskeys. Read the list and follow the itinerary if you’re a natural whiskey lover. 

  1. Louisville, Kentucky

When it comes to some of the best bourbons and whiskeys, you’ll get it all in Kentucky.  A place where you can taste the world’s best fried chicken and best-distilled whiskey is none less than heaven. Over a dozen distilleries fall in Kentucky Bourbon Trail and some of the nicest in Louisville.

From behemoths like Old Forester, Bulleit, and Evan Williams to dwarf distilleries like Copper & Kings, Kentucky Peerless Co., and Angel’s Envy, Louisville is a favorite destination of whiskey snobs. The town has some distilleries experts in making gins and brandy. The bars, Sidebar at Whiskey Row and The Silver Dollar, await whiskey lovers all year round. You can enjoy the best  Stagg Jr here.

  1. New York City

Manhattan attracts a global audience for landmarks like The State Empire Building and The Times Square. In contrast, Brooklyn has the best-crafted distilleries within its premises. All the four boroughs of New York City have their unique trait, though Brooklyn is consistent with producing delightful whiskeys for decades. Brooklyn is home to touristy bistros, monuments, museums, parks, restaurants, cafes, and bars, enough for a worthy trip whatsoever. 

After they wander the town’s streets, the cocktail bars serve best gins, rums, and whiskey to the travelers experiencing American booze! Kings County Distillery and Widow Jane Distillery have one day tours, including pairing & tasting activities. You would love the spirits made by Owney’s Rum, Industry City Distillery, and Greenhook Ginsmiths. 

  1. State of Texas

“The Lone Star State” has all the spectacular things at one destination. Texas is popular for its live music shows, BBQ, hot weather, and The Alamo. The second-largest state is also famous for its crafted distilleries. Balcones Distilling in Illinois, Texas, makes legendary whiskey varieties. The top-notch being the True Blue Whiskey made from blue heirloom corn, brimstone, and scrubbed in oak barrels. The Rebecca Creek Distillery, Garrison Brothers Distillery, and Witherspoon Distillery are a retreat to the genuine whiskey lovers. Firestone and Robertson Distilling Co. makes Texas blended whiskeys using a special yeast filter, making it an unusual whiskey recipe.  

  1. Tennessee

Jack Daniels Whiskey is the most-selling American spirit in the world. Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee makes 31,000,000 gallons of whiskey per year under the roof of Brown-Forman Corporation since 1956. Apart from it, a few Nashville and neighboring distillers should get highlighted for their work in making explicit whiskeys. George Dickel Rye Whiskey is the second most favorite liquor after Jack Daniels. Tenn South Distillery, H Clark Distillery, Heaven’s Door, Nashville Craft Distillery, and Uncle Nearest are must-visit places in Tennessee. You may find these brands on the menu, but the joy of watching its process live is a breathtaking experience.

 5. Washington, DC

You must know the political fame of Washington DC, its White House, its historical monuments, and its memorable museums. Until now, Washington DC, was the center of the US government being the capital city. However, now the town is the center of cultural significance too. The history of distilleries is not too early in Washington, yet it’s exceptional. A lady former political representative quits her government job to own Republic Restoratives Distillery in the US capital city. 

Tour the Ivy city to spellbound yourself tasting the elegant Green Hat Gin, Vodka, Rye, Bourbon, and Apple Brandy. One Eight Distilling is the perfect place for whiskey lovers. New Columbia Distillers make the exclusive Green Hat Gin and The Classic Spirit only. Founding Spirits let you have a tour of its fields and offers family cuisine in its privately-owned Farmers & Distillers restaurants. 

  1. San Diego, California

The Golden State: California is the land of milk and honey. Having a Mediterranean climate suitable for its robust rainforests, where the state’s larger size remains moist and temperate. While California has the best wineries entitling it as ‘The Grape State,’ San Diego has dainty distilleries of its kind. The Golden State distilleries are more unique than you’ve known and more appealing than you’ve imagined. 

Destinations include:

  • You & Yours Distilling Company.
  • Malahat Spirits Co.
  • Cutwater Spirits.
  • FruitCraft in Hillcrest.
  • Henebery Spirits.
  • Seven Caves Spirits.
  • Kill Devil Spirit Company.