by Jessica Smith, Guest Contributor

Gone are the days when you visited the dentist after having some problems in your mouth. In modern dentistry, the dentists recommend you to come for regular dental checkups so that you stay away from critical dental issues. As most of you are now becoming aware of how your dental health has an impact on your overall health, you should make sure that you visit a dentist once every six months. If you start visiting your dentist twice a year, your dentist will get the opportunity to identify and start treating the problems developing inside your mouth. 

You would not wish to make an appointment with your dentist once in six months as there might be a lot of things that cross your mind before making the appointment but, visiting the dentist is one extremely vital thing that you should do. Dental Anxiety is the prime reason that stops most people from visiting the dentist. Still, you need to understand that delaying your appointments and not going to the dentist on time will only make your problems bigger. It becomes essential for you to keep the risks of all types of dental issues in your mind while you plan not to visit the dentist.

If you schedule regular dental appointments, your dental health will be at a safe place as the dentist can detect early dental problems and take timely actions for the same. Another added benefit of regularly visiting the dentist is that you end up saving a lot of money, which you otherwise have to spend in large amounts on your dental treatments. Dental health should always be your priority, and the first step towards ensuring healthy dental hygiene is by visiting a dentist. Here is a list of the seven most important reasons that highlight why you should visit your dentist regularly. 



There are always certain areas in your mouth that you can not reach with the most efficient toothbrush and floss. It becomes difficult for you to remove the plaque and tartar, which further leads to cavities inside your mouth. While you must think of ways to remove these things orally near me, you should book yourself an appointment with your dentist. Regular dental visits can help you in cleaning your mouth of plaque, tartar, and the dental cavities that follow them. Dental cleaning helps in preventing the tartar from eroding your teeth, therefore, helping your teeth stay away from decay. An appointment for dental cleaning is much cheaper than getting the cavities fixed for your teeth, so you get to save money too!



Gum diseases are the most dangerous infections that can destroy the functioning of your mouth. The tartar and plaque that build-up inside your mouth also erodes the gum tissues of your mouth. There is a connection of the gums with your teeth, and as soon as the tartar infects your teeth, the infection later spreads to the gums. When Gingivitis (Gum Diseases) starts spreading, the connecting tissue between the teeth and gums starts to break down. Gum diseases make your gums bleed and bring swelling and soreness to your mouth. If you do not visit the dentist at the right time, this problem will spread and destroy the whole functioning of your mouth. The process of getting the treatment will cost you a lot of money as it requires surgery and proper deep cleaning of your mouth. To avoid such a situation, you should go for regular dental checkups. 



In the current days, oral cancer is spreading to a large number of people. You can not detect oral cancer at the beginning stage, and till the time you notice something wrong with your mouth, cancer spreads and becomes more serious. If you are in the habit of visiting your dentist frequently, you can get rid of it as the dentist can detect it at an early stage and do the necessary treatment. Your dentist will perform a VELscope Cancer exam which will help him/her catch the invisible signs of dead tissue because of the tumors inside your mouth, and later treat cancer. 



Tooth whitening is a very famous treatment towards making your teeth whiter. A lot of people suffer from yellow teeth due to their lifestyle and dietary habits. Dentists help such people to regain the lost color of their teeth by bleaching them in their clinic. The procedure just takes one sitting and the dentist applies a gel to protect your teeth before applying the bleach. This procedure, however,  does not work well on gray or brown teeth.



Apart from checking your teeth, tongue, gums, and mouth, your dentist also checks your neck, lymph nodes, and jaw for any kind of abnormalities. Any problem found in these areas will be an urgent health concern that would require prompt treatment.The swelling in your lymph nodes is one of those areas where you do not feel much pain, but it is a warning for different kinds of cancer. If you do not have regular dental check-ups, you will not become aware of the problems that lie in your lymph nodes or thyroid glands in your neck. 



 No one of you wants to have bad breath. It can ruin your impression on people and can make you feel low. There are a lot of reasons as to why your breath stinks, but the cause of the same is serious. Damage inside your kidney and liver is one reason for halitosis. In order to get to the root of Halitosis, you need to visit the dentist frequently so that he/she can detect the cause of the problem and suggest the treatment and medication for the same. 

Dentists do not only have a concern with correcting your teeth; they have a larger role to play when it comes to keeping your oral health at a safe place. They do proper cleaning of your teeth, gums, and treat all the abnormalities that go unnoticed inside your mouth. They also make sure that your teeth are strong by suggesting some lifestyle changes that will benefit your overall and oral health. Prioritizing your appointments with your dentist once every six months can show some great results on your health!


A lot of your daily-life activities classify as bad habits that have a devastating effect on your dental health. Activities like eating ice, grinding your teeth, biting nails, eating lots of hard and sticky sweets, clenching your jaw, drinking a lot of red wine, brushing your teeth with a lot of force, drinking coffee, and smoking, keep causing issues without your realization. When you visit your dentist at regular intervals, he/she can check and let you know if you have any dental problems because of any of these habits. Once the dentist informs you about the same, you can make changes in your lifestyle to prevent the damage that these activities cause to your dental health.

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