Photo by Braydon Anderson on Unsplash

Petco has launched its 2020 Halloween “Bootique” collection, offering on-trend costumes, toys and treats, and is sharing tips for a safe, fun and memorable Halloween with pets. As people continue to follow evolving social distancing regulations and safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Petco recommends pet parents consider the following for this year’s festivities and new traditions with furry family members:

  • Get into the holiday spirit with delightful costumes and toys: Whether celebrating at home with DIY activities or hosting a virtual costume contest, Petco’s “Bootique” has trendy costumes and accessories for animals of all sizes. Pet parents can show off their undeniable bonds with matching outfits for pet and human companions, including unicorns and dinosaurs. Small animals can also join in the fun with costumes like a shrunken shark and pumpkin, perfect for pets like guinea pigs. For comic book fans, costumes such as Captain MarvelDeadpoolWonder Woman and Batman are ideal to highlight pets’ superhero alter egos.
  • Make safety a top priority during festive celebrations: Playful decorations are a key part of Halloween preparation for humans, but can present sneaky dangers for pets. To help keep furry friends safe, pet parents should secure and cover electrical cords to prevent chewing, be cautious of where dangling strings and cobwebs are placed, supervise any open flames, and keep glow sticks, necklaces and other spooky accessories off the ground. Make sure sweets – especially chocolate – and candy wrappers are out of pets’ reach. If you suspect your pet may have ingested a toxic food or other material, contact a veterinarian or the Pet Poison Helpline immediately. Pet parents can also consider online training to teach their pups important Halloween etiquette, such as keeping off kitchen counters and learning to “sit” and “stay” amid distractions.
  • Prepare for spooky encounters and injuries: If venturing out at night, make sure four-legged family members are wearing proper identification and are microchipped with up-to-date information. With scary noises or strange Halloween happenings, animals can panic, break loose or slip out the door when no one is looking. It’s important to leash pets when walking outside, and reflective gear can help keep them – and pet parents – visible in the dark. Keep a pet first aid kit on-hand with supplies such as bandages or antimicrobial spray for treating any minor injuries. And since this time of year can heighten pets’ anxiety, consider calming chews and diffuser kits to help mitigate seasonal stresses.
  • Keep a balanced diet in mind when treating pets to goodies: Petco offers a full assortment of minimally processed and low-calorie treat options to reward furry friends. While tasty treats go hand-in-hand with Halloween, remember that treats should not make up more than 10% of a pet’s calorie intake, and year-round, quality nutrition is vital to pets’ overall health and wellness. Supplements can help provide pets with targeted support for specific health needs.

With deals available both in-store and online, and through the easy-to-use Petco App, pet parents can shop in a variety of safe ways, including buy online, pick up in store and curbside pick-up. For more Halloween pet safety tips and products, visit petco.com, the Petco App or a local Petco store. All Petco stores are diligently following health guidelines recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including cleaning, sanitizing, facial coverings and social distancing. For pet parents seeking additional information, refer to guidance from the CDC around COVID-19 and pets.