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Are you looking to add a splash of color into your room while improving the overall air quality? Consider investing in an indoor plant! While plants do a great deal to help the Earth, it also provides a lot of health benefits when kept inside your home. With the holidays coming up and colder climates afoot, it’s nice to have a reminder of nature in your home to keep you company as you wait out the colder weather. Here are the 5 best indoor plants for decorating your space.


6. Anthurium

Do you prefer a hint of color to go along with your lush greens? Try adding an anthurium into your home. These hardy plants have a waxy red flower, making it perfect to place in a room that needs a bit of color. When spending your time looking for an essay writer online, have this beautiful plant to keep you company.

This plant isn’t for those who are new to the world of indoor gardening. It does require a bit of attention as well as fertilizing every once in a while. However, if you can manage to keep an eye on this plant and take care of it frequently, it’s a good option to keep inside your room.

5. Castiron Plant

Here’s a plant to remind you of beautiful green foliage during the holiday season. The Castiron Plant thrives during winter and early spring, making it perfect for those looking to keep a few reminders of nature during those cold nights. This plant can be watered occasionally, allowing the soil to dry completely in between waterings. Because it’s so easy to take care of, this plant is perfect for beginners.

This plant can last a long time in your home, even when you leave it alone for a few days. This plant is definitely one to consider if you love the deep green shades of the forest and want to have it in your own home.

4. Eucharist Lily

Another flowering plant, the Eucharist Lily has flowers that bloom throughout winter. They add a touch of the simple beauty in your room, making them perfect for those looking for something a little more than leaves and greenery. The flowers will wilt when the plant is left unwatered, so make sure to water this lily constantly. However, the plant is still beautiful to look at, even when it isn’t in full bloom.

This plant is great for as a centerpiece or as decor. Put it on your coffee table, on the nightstand, or on the dinner table so you can have a piece of nature with you whatever the season is.

3. Alocasia

This beautiful plant features a single leaf on each stem, but each of them has differing patterns. Whether you’re looking for professional writer services or browsing through Assignment Geek, adding this plant to your workstation at home will surely make you feel like you’re working in a beautiful garden. This plant is incredibly easy to take care of as well since it prefers to have the soil dried out in between waterings. This makes it great for people who tend to forget to water their plants every once in a while.

2. Aloe Plant

Looking for a decorative plant that also serves a purpose? Consider adding the aloe plant into your home! These plants are great at filtering and purifying the air in your home, letting you breathe easier as you go through those cold holiday nights. Did you get burned as you were taking out your roasted ham from the oven? The gel from the aloe plant has healing properties that can fix you right up. The aloe plant is a favorite among indoor gardening enthusiasts, making it a great addition to your home. 

‘Plants are a great addition to your home. They look great, are environmentally-friendly, and can purify the air in your home as well!’ – says Serena Gipson, the HR software specialist at the interior design company,

 During the holidays, it’s more difficult to find a plant that is able to survive the harsh temperatures and dry air. With this list, you now know which ones are perfect to keep with you as you go through those cold winter nights.

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