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How to Measure For Drapes and Curtains

Curtains and draperies can enhance the visual appeal of any space. For many, buying new curtains and draperies is a fun and exciting endeavor....

A Checklist For Preparing Your Home For Vacation

Preparing Your Home for Your Vacation Preparing for your vacation requires more than just packing up a bag. Leaving your house unattended means that there...

Housing Market Tilting In Favor of Sellers

A lower-than-normal share of listings with a price cut is another signal the market has tilted in favor of sellers - Only 4.1% of current...

7 DIY Home Electric Problem Solves

Modern civilization runs on the back of electrical power supply that reaches every industry, home, and office through the network of power grids Everyday...

Tips For De-cluttering The Children’s Room

For all the mom’s, If there is a room she wishes she could lock up and never look at again, it's probably your children’s...
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Tips For Spring Home Maintenance

Spring Cleaning shouldn’t just happen inside your house. There is plenty to do outside to. Here are 10 Spring home maintenance tips. Grab a...

National Existing Home Sales Drop 1.3% for January, South Up

Existing-home sales declined in January, continuing a fluctuating pattern of monthly increases and declines, according to the National Association of Realtors®. Significant declines in...

Smart and Creative Ways To Organize Your Garage

by Christine Mauris, Guest Contributor The garage can easily become a dumping place for everything. If you’re not careful, you might not even have enough...

5 Issues You May Face When Buying An Older Property

by Emma Metson, Guest Contributor Many buyers become attracted to owning an older property for many different reasons. It may be the cost of the...

Home Maintenance Checklist For New Homeowners

by Mack Staley, Guest Contributor How does it feel like having your own home? Wonderful, right? Like a dream come true. And really, It’s great...