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Spring Cleaning shouldn’t just happen inside your house. There is plenty to do outside to. Here are 10 Spring home maintenance tips.

  1. Grab a screwdriver or a pocket knife. Go outside and probe around window sills, railings, porch columns. Basically, anything wooden. If you punch through or it seems soft. Time to replace.
  2. Gutters – They have gotten through the winter. Check and make sure they aren’t loose or rusting through.
  3. Trees– Look up! Any trees around the house are probably in bloom. Make sure limbs aren’t rubbing siding, roofs, etc. In Spring winds, a constantly rubbing limb can put a hole in your roof. How to trim a yard tree.
  4. Shingles– Take a walk around the house and look and see if there are any loose shingles or missing from winter storms.
  5. Service your AC– change filters also, if you live in a high pollen area, spend a little bit of $$, your sinuses will thank you.
  6. Move Your Firewood – Move your firewood away from the house, or shed.It will attract bugs.
  7. Check Your Outside Faucets – Turn on your faucet, if you put your thumb over it and don’t feel much pressure, there is probably a leak somewhere.
  8. Lawn Equipment – Hopefully you drained any gas powered lawn equipment before the winter. If you didn’t drain gas and oil. Clean any filters. Maybe shoot a ‘lil carb cleaner in said piece. Get blades sharpened on your lawnmower. Replace line on the weedeaters.
  9. Deck and FencePower wash the winter away. Put on a good sealant. Grab a hammer and knock down those nails that have loosened during the winter.
  10. Window Screens – Replace as needed. Clean off the winter. Double check those window frames while you are at it.