by Wendy Dessler, Guest Contributor

Having a car is incredibly convenient, and as a result, it is no surprise that there are millions of cars driving on American roads daily. While there are many costs associated with owning a car, many still believe that it is worth it. You can get wherever you need to go, incredibly fast and easy.

However, if you want your car to last for years and years and continue to drive well, you need to keep it clean. In addition to keeping your car looking great, cleaning it regularly will keep it operating as best as possible. Things like rust can damage your vehicle and hurt it’s value in a major way. While everyone knows the basics of cleaning your car, how clean are you actually leaving it?

Without any further ado, let’s go over a few different tips on how to clean your car like a pro.

Use the Right Products

Not all car-cleaning products are created equally. Each will have different ingredients and they use a variety of different chemicals, additives and cleaning agents. Choosing the right products for your auto detailing (such as the ones offered at for the job is very important. Be sure to take your time to research what is best for your needs.

If you use the wrong products, it could potentially damage your vehicle or not leave it as clean as it could be. Also, be sure to learn what each product does and what order to use them in to give yourself the best results possible. For example, if you wax before you wash, it will essentially defeat the purpose.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Inside

When most of us think about cleaning our car, we think about cleaning the mud, dust, dirt and grime off of the outside of the car. However, in order to truly get your vehicle to showroom condition, you need to be sure to clean the interior. This includes vacuuming, removing all garbage, cleaning the seats, wiping down the dashboard and potentially dozens of other things.

Generally, it is a good idea to clean from top to bottom, and dedicate at least a few hours to cleaning the interior of your car. There are lots of things that should be done, and you don’t want to miss anything important. Be sure to clean all of the gaps and crevices as well. You would be shocked to see all of the food, dirt, garbage or other items that can find their way into these hard-to-access gaps.

Do Your Best to Wash out of Direct Sunlight

If you are going to wash your car, most experts and professionals in the space will tell you not to wash in direct sunlight. This is because the car should be kept wet long enough for it to be properly dried. Problem is, if you wash it in the direct sunlight, the car will begin to dry off before the whole cleaning process has been done. 

When metal on the car gets hot, water and even soap will dry up on the spot, and leave some unattractive marks and spots. If you cannot wash the car inside a garage or anywhere else, consider washing it in the evening or somewhere with a bit of shade. If you absolutely have to do it in the sun, try and get the entire process done quickly, as to not allow the soap spots to dry up all over your vehicle.

In conclusion, the tips in this article should be able to help you clean your car like a pro.



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