by Mack Staley, Guest Contributor

How does it feel like having your own home? Wonderful, right? Like a dream come true. And really, It’s great having control over your own piece of land. The thorough inspection of the bucket-full list of potential homes finally paid off, alas!

But then, caring for your home’s look doesn’t stop there. Yeah, that might not sound like what you expected; but you must adopt a routine maintenance practice if you want your home to look like it does presently, in a decade.

Luckily, you do not need to rack your head on the list of actions that should be included in your drill. Here is a checklist containing the must-dos when it comes to home maintenance. Let’s go

Monthly Tips

Check your HVAC system

A general rule of thumb states that you should replace your filters every month. But, there really isn’t a need for that if you live with a small family which does not open that windows too often and has no pets.

So, that’s the first thing to do; check your HVAC system filters to see if it is clogged or dirty. Doing so would help you figure out if a new one is needed or you could use it for the following month. Some HVAC systems require more maintenance than others; and this is why you should contact an HVAC contractor before purchase, so as to get a better insight into the market.

Take a Stroll Outside

No, do not skip this step! You might say you walk around the house every morning. True. But, how often do you observe?

Look round for problems with gutters, drainage pipes, vents, and foundations. How about your roof; hope no punctures? If so, call for help. For small issues such as drainage blockers, take a rake and get rid of them. For large issues like a burst pipe, call a professional.

Look Round for Leaks in Toilets and Kitchen Sinks

Never overlook even a small leak; an escalation would cost more than you can imagine. Any sign of water where it isn’t meant to be? Fix it quick! 


Quarterly Tips

Run Water and Flush Toilets through Unused Spaces

Not just toilets, anywhere you do not use regularly ranging from the store walls to the backyard walls to guest’s bathrooms and toilets. The aim is to prevent the build-up of mold and grime on the walls or in spaces that are generally not in use.

Regularly running a little bit of water through these spaces would go a long way in helping you to achieve a clean home.

Check your Water Softener

This wouldn’t take much of your time; a 5-second check would help you ascertain whether it is still in good condition or it needs some professional touch.

A little bit of salt here and there would further help it run more effectively.

How is your Pool Faring?

Even with the timely automated cleaning, you provide it, don’t you think some human touch would help? Yes, it would.

Dive into your pool to see areas that might have been left out in your regular cleaning. Also, check out the pH of the pool, to be confident about its safety for you and your family.

 Biannual Tips

Give your Home a Deep Clean

You know those kinds of cleans that cover every single part of your home: your basement, appliances, wardrobe, beneath your chairs, tables, and beds… You know what I am talking about! These kinds of august cleaning would go a long way in retaining the glow of your home.

Change the Batteries in the Smoke Detector

I used to think smoke detector batteries should be changed when they are out. But, yeah, I was wrong.

There’s no harm changing the batteries every 6 months- go on, that won’t break your bank!

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