That’s right y’all, The Y’alls, now preside in Florence, Kentucky. Confused? Don’t be ’cause The Y’alls story couldn’t be a more perfect story y’all.

So, it seems that back in the day according to the story, someone in the City of Florence decided in the 70s that painting “Florence Mall” on top of their water tower to promote an upcoming mall was a good idea. The Transportation Department said you can’t advertise something that hasn’t been built.

So, someone crawled back up the water tower and painted over the “M” and replaced it with a “Y” and an apostrophe. And it stuck! People loved it!! Every year since then millions of travelers have passed by, taken pictures and stopped into Florence. Why? Because it’s Florence Y’all !

y'allsThis brings us to the baseball team. The Florence Freedom. They got new owners last year who wanted a new look and a new name.

After a series of fan votes, the Florence Y’alls won!

The Y’alls home season and new look debut in front of fans on May 14th, 2020. The are members of the West Division of the Independent Frontier League.

So as baseball season begins, Y’ wishes the folks in Florence and The Y’alls the best of luck.