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Baseball 2020- Play Ball Y’all!!! – What To Expect

Baseball swears they are coming back July 23rd. At least that is what every other Fox Sports and ESPN commercial says. According to MLB.com..here...

“New Normal” Sports: Tiger, Baseball, Soccer, Hoops, and NFL News

Well folks, it's now "normal", and y'all are asking the wrong man about what exactly that was, but, the "new normal" in the sports...
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Coastal Plain League Throws First Pitch

Minor League Baseball has been officially cancelled and the shortened MLB season is several weeks away from its first pitch.  No worries baseball lovers,...

“Tip Your Cap” To 100th Anniversary Of Negro Leagues

What was going to be a huge celebration in baseball this year, has been like many things affected by COVID-19. As Major League Baseball...

Florence, Kentucky Baseball Team Changes It’s Name Y’all

That's right y'all, The Y'alls, now preside in Florence, Kentucky. Confused? Don't be 'cause The Y'alls story couldn't be a more perfect story y'all. So,...

Christmas Gift Ideas For Sports Fans

Good or bad, we love our sports teams and often participating in sports. The following gift ideas are for those rabid, passionate , tailgating,...