Baseball swears they are coming back July 23rd. At least that is what every other Fox Sports and ESPN commercial says. According to is what you need to know :

    •  The regular season will begin with Opening Night on July 23, followed by Opening Day on July 24. Opening Night will feature Yankees v. Nationals and Dodgers v. Giants. Then Opening Day will feature all the good teams( I joke..but seriously, Go Cubs!)
    • There will be more inter-divisional games because of the 60 game shortened season.
    • Each team will play 60 games. To limit travel distances, teams will play a majority of games against their division opponents (40, or 10 against each division opponent) and the rest against their geographic counterpart in the other league (in other words, AL East vs. NL East, AL Central vs. NL Central, AL West vs. NL West
    • The same it has been since 2012: Five playoff teams from each league (three division winners, two Wild Card winners), with the winner of the Wild Card Game in the AL and NL advancing to a best-of-five Division Series against the top division winner. The League Championship Series and World Series remain best-of-seven.
    • DH will be used in both leagues.
    • Trade Deadline is Aug. 31 instead of July 23
    • To help ease players into competition, each club will have a 30-man roster for the first two weeks, 28 for the next two weeks, and 26 for the remainder of the season. Additionally, each club can carry up to a three-person taxi squad on the road once the regular season begins.
    • Teams will have 60 players eligible to play in 2020 — all players on a 40-man roster “that the Club anticipates participating” during the season will be part of the player pool, with the rest made up of non-40-man roster players under contract.
    • With a tight schedule and a desire to limit time on the field, the Minor League rule for extra innings will be in effect. That means every half-inning after the ninth will begin with a runner on second base. The designated runner would be the player who made the final out in the prior half-inning (or a pinch-runner for that player), and the pitcher would not be charged with an earned run if that runner scores (it would be scored as if the runner had reached on an error).Please note that this rule is only in place for 2020 and only in effect for the regular season. Extra innings in the postseason would not begin with a runner on second.
    • Three-batter minimum: This is an offseason rule change for 2020 that will remain. Relievers who enter the game must face at least three batters or finish an inning before being removed (with exceptions for injury or illness).

So, in a shortened 60 game season who do we pick? Ok y’all these ae for recreational purposes only:

  • AL East- NY Yankees
  • AL Central – Minnesota Twins
  • AL West – Texas Rangers
  • NL East – Atlanta Braves
  • NL Central – Chicago Cubs (homer pick)
  • NL West – LA Dodgers
  • Wild Cards- AL: Anaheim Angels, Tampa Bay Rays….NL: Cincinnati Reds, Washington Nationals

It’s just a shame we won’t get to boo the Astros.Play Ball y’all!!

Editor’s Note: Please note the picks are strictly my own and not the views of the Y’all Staff who are misguided Cards and Brewers fans.

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