by Christine Mauris, Guest Contributor

The garage can easily become a dumping place for everything. If you’re not careful, you might not even have enough space to park your car. Sometimes, it’s challenging to move around the garage without hitting anything because of the amount of clutter in there. However, all is not lost. All you need to do is apply these smart and creative ways in organizing your garage, and you will be proud of the results. 

A.    Create storage places in the ceiling 

Most of the items in a garage are normally on the floor. Therefore, when you make use of a ceiling storage system, you create more room, which makes the garage look more presentable. You can reserve the ceiling storage for items you don’t use regularly; for example, holiday decorations are such items.  

Installing storage systems for every item is the greatest tip to having and maintaining an organized garage. When you enlist the help of professionals like custom closets Miami, you’ll end up with storage spaces for everything in your garage. 

B.     Mount bikes on the wall 

Having bikes leaning against the wall is a common scenario in most garages. This makes the room look cluttered, especially if you have more than one bike. Instead, you can create a steel rack on the wall where you can mount the bikes. 

C.    Put lawn and garden equipment on a pegboard panel 

There are lots of equipment we use for lawn mowing or gardening, and these can crowd the garage if you have them leaning against the wall. By using a pegboard panel, you’ll make your shovels, shears, and rakes look good, and your garage will be more organized. What’s more, it will be easier to get a tool whenever you need it because they are all on display as opposed to when you have to search for it in a pile full of other tools.  

Toys can also go on the pegboard panel.  

D.    Have a cabinet for car products 

The garage is where you keep your car and naturally where products used to care for your vehicle should be. This is why you need a work table cabinet where you can put in auto lubricants and various items you use for the car. 

E.     Use a folded workbench or a workspace 

There are times when you may need to work from the garage. A folded workbench allows you to do that without taking up extra space. Also, it allows you to store other tools on it. This is perfect because you only use the workbench when the need arises. On normal days, it just stays on the wall.  

Alternatively, you can have a simple workspace against the wall that is functional and beautiful. Racks, shelves, and magnetic strips on the workspace are a great way to keep more tools on it, and it will create more space in the garage.  

F.     A rack for sports equipment 

If you or your family members love to play with balls, then you might come across them all over the garage, which is not a pretty sight, not to mention that you might run over them when parking your car. That is why you need a rack where you’ll store all your sports equipment. You can have one customized according to the number and type of sports equipment you have. The bottom line is they’ll be in one place. 


When you follow these guidelines, your garage will end up looking clean, organized, and functional. You may be surprised when you find yourself spending more time in your garage than before. This is because you will find it easier to get your work done, store your tools and comfortably park your vehicle. Just ensure to keep everything in its place to avoid going back to having a disorganized garage.

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