Do you stalk celebrities and their luxurious homes? Do you drool over their prim and proper furniture and immaculate designs? Do you then look around yourself and find your things scattered everywhere; the shoes are lying around, the furniture isn’t consistent, and paint is coming off? Well, it happens with most of us.

Do you know Taylor Swift has eight homes? She bought a beautiful condo in Nashville at the age of only 20. The place has floor to ceiling windows and an open layout concept. 

Unfortunately, like the celebrities we don’t have those deep pockets to make our homes look like they are from a fairy tale and sometimes drooling is all we can do. If you are one of those people, then we may have something that might interest you. Here are some very simple interior design ideas that you can implement without putting a dent in your pocket:

1. Paint

The primary reason why a house doesn’t look aesthetically appealing is very basic actually; people often forget to get the right colors. Right colors not only make your home pleasant, but they also affect your well-being, your overall mood, and the most important they help you make a personal statement.  

Colors can be broadly divided into two categories: warm and cool. Warm colors include orange, red, or yellow. They invoke excitement and give a boost of energy. Cool colors such as blue, white, or purple give a sense of relaxation and peace. 

To choose the right color for your house, you first need to decide on a theme. Do you want your place to be colorful, or do you want a monochromatic scheme? For areas that have a lot of activity, you can pick brighter colors while for areas that are dedicated to relaxation like your bedroom or study, choose calmer colors. 

Also, it depends upon the area. For small spaces, you would like to have lighter colors as they will make your place look more refreshing. Darker colors tend to make a place look more congested. Don’t forget to take lighting into account.  

2. Lighting


Once you have decided the paints, you need to work on the lighting. Try to use as much natural light as possible. This will make you active and also save up your bill. Try to opt for blinds instead of curtains. Blinds also take up less space and let more lighting enter the room. Curtains, on the other hand, block most of the light unless they are made up of very light material. 

For those who are struggling with natural lighting, you can compensate with good fixtures. Try to incorporate a large fixture on the ceiling. According to interior designer, Michael Murphy, these fixtures add illumination and drama, and they trick the eye to make the space look larger than it is. 

Try to mix this ceiling fixture with different sources of lights. You can start with a good vintage table lamp. A good mixture of lighting includes ceiling fixtures, a standing lamp, and some candles. They evenly distribute light and enhance the corners. 

3. Plants


A very cheap and effective way to decorate your place is through plants. Yes, those oxygen making species can do wonders to your place. It could be a challenge to integrate plants with modern design since modern design is immaculate and minimalistic. However, designers have suggested some tips and tricks that can allow you to add a touch of greenery to your place. 

Try to create a corner or a niche dedicated to your plant. If you have an empty corner in your TV lounge, you can put up a fiddle leaf fig there in a white pot instead of spending money on a decoration piece that will cost you a lot. 

Snake plant could be another great addition.  It is easy to maintain, and it looks really elegant with a grey or a similar backdrop. Another good reason to keep plants is that they keep your house bugproof.

Lavender plant can prove to be quite effective against bed bugs. Bed bugs can be really annoying, and it could cost a lot to get rid of them, so why not keep a plant and be safe?


Rugs can accentuate the entire aesthetics of your place, especially if you have hardwood floors, you can add a rug to add a soft touch. Also, rugs do a great job in defining areas. There are helpful in large rooms that need division. 

Color coordinate the rugs with your wall color and sofa, and it will spice up your space. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the rugs. For example, if you have patterned wallpapers, then don’t choose a patterned rug as well; try to be a little more subtle.  



Who doesn’t love art and who wouldn’t like to show off some great paintings, right? Art doesn’t only decorate the place, it tells a story; it personifies the place. When choosing art, keep in mind your color scheme and then buy something that complements the entire theme. 

So what if your house doesn’t look like one of those classic ones from the South, you can still make it look classy at a budget.  

Are up for it?

Decorating your house can be really exciting. You don’t always need to spend a lot of money on interior designers or expensive items. You can easily do it on your own in a limited budget. All you need are some tweaks, and you can make a considerable change. 

If you are not a very creative person yourself, you can always Google up some ideas and take inspiration from them. If you can afford good decoration pieces and art, then it is great. But in case you have a tight budget, you can always find good alternatives. Remember, your house is your comfort zone, it speaks for you. So, go for something that makes you happy and comfortable. 

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