Photo by Petar Tonchev on Unsplash

A hot August means Labor Day and Fall around the corner. Soon you will be storing the lawnmower. But, your lawn care doesn’t stop when the mowing stops.

Now, just like with home maintenance, is a good time to start planning for that Fall lawncare.

  • Keep mowing until the grass stops growing: Once it stops growing beyond the desired height then you can put the mower up for the season.
  • Winterize your mower- empty the oil and the gas. Knock off all the grass clippings and grease. Inspect your pull cord for any frays. It will be cheaper to get your blades sharpened now than wait for the Spring. Clean the air filters or replace. I prefer to WD-40 any cables.
  • Winterize your lawn tools- Clean them off and let dry. Then a good linseed oil, or again WD-40 will help keep the rust off.
  • Water if needed- If we go through a dry spell then you should water just to keep the moisture right.
  • Rake- Just blowing the leaves off your lawn won’t get it… Sometimes you have to get old-fashioned and rake all that thatch so the soil aerates.
  • Fertilize- Use something nitrogen-rich. The best method is before the first frost , rake that thatch up. Aerate if you want. And fertilize… I even prefer to just go with a good weed and feed.
  • Over-seed bare spots – any bare spots over-seed. Understand though, if you are planning to weed and feed , you might want to check your brand’s directions. If I weed and feed , then I wait 10 days after before I seed, or vice versa.
  • Trim trees and hedges before that first frost
  • Put down fresh mulch where needed
  • Put your potted annuals either in a protected place, or cover.
  • Start planning your Spring Garden