Ok y’all, Memorial Day is a couple of weeks away. You are planning on that weekend at the lake and that big backyard party. The question becomes, how much food and drink should I order?

After some research, we found some helpful guidelines to figure out what you need:

  • Know your guests when it comes to figuring out how much alcohol to buy. Some drink more than others. Others drink more than some. Y’all know what I mean. But for this exercise we are gonna figure 2 beers per hour/ guest for those that enjoy that. 1 glass of wine per hour/ guest. 1.5 mixed drinks per hour/guest.
  • 1 bottle of 750 ml wine serves 5 people
  • There are approximately 15 “shots” ( 1.5 oz pours) in a 750 ml bottle of liquor
  • Ice- 2 lbs. per person.. Temp over 90s? make it 3lb.
  • Mixers- 2 bottles per whatever liquor you are planning on mixing with. i.e. 2 bottles of tonic per bottle of gin.
  • Sodas- Keep it simple. Go cans, and figure 2 per guest and then for mixers think a 2 L soda contains approx. 80 oz. or 10 8 oz. glasses
  • Water- You can never have enough- figure 3 bottles per guest.
  • Chips and Dip – 2 bags of chips and 1 pint dip per 10 guests
  • Meat- Depends on what you are cooking. Burgers and dogs are simple. Ribs, think 5 bones/guest. Steaks- Have your butcher trim down to 5 oz/guest. Pulled BBQ- 1lb/4 guests.
  • Potato Salad – figure 1 lb/ 7 guests
  • Ice Cream – 1 Gallon/12 guests
  • Pie- 1 Slice per person
  • Sides- 1 lb/5 guests

Like we say, this is just guidelines. It’s not a true ruler, but, hopefully it will help y’all when doin’ your party  ciphering.