Courtesy of RickDevens.com

I’ll come straight out and admit to y’all- I love “Survivor”. And while some seasons are better than others, this season is one of my absolute favorites. Why? Because the underdog is winning. How? By playing the game: Outwit,Outplay, Outlast.

First of all as a fan, I watch this simply as a game. It is not life. But, it can teach you things along the way about life and human nature as you watch. But, in the end it’s a game. I have been waiting for a serious contender to grasp this and I have found my man in Macon, Georgia broadcaster Rick Devens.

According to Devens’s website he started at Macon, Ga. TV station WGXA thirteen years ago. He has worked his way from Friday night high school football sideline reporter to Anchor and Producer of the WGXA morning show airing 5 days a week on 2 different stations.

An Army brat and a graduate of Virginia Tech, Devens ( as he is referred to mostly on “Survivor”) married a Macon, Georgia girl and they have a son.

Devens at first came off a little brash, as someone who is in the media probably would. But, he began to grow on me. He was funny, sometimes. He was a little quirky. But, when I really fell in love with his game was when he was blindsided and sent to Extinction Island (a new twist to the game for those not watching this season).

Extinction Island put a fire in Rick’s belly and since then he has played the game, with a skill that hasn’t been seen in awhile. The latest episode showed him pull off one of the biggest psychological ploys ever played at a tribal council. I won’t give away how, for those that may not have watched yet. But, it was pure brilliance.

But, I think the best part about Devens is , he is kind of an average joe. No 6-pack. No golden wavy hair. Kinda , as I said earlier, quirky. But, yet, he has discovered the secret to the game- it’s a game! He is having fun! He is playing the game, and has been, since he went to Extinction Island, better than anyone else in this cast.

So for the finale May 15, I’ll have my popcorn, and I will be excited to see if this average- joe- morning- show TV producer can be the next “Survivor”.